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my friend has written a childrens book and is ready to send it to publishing companys. what fees is she likely to come across? as one company has quoted her $9000 with $500 up front and the rest in installments, also 45% of all and any profits.
p.s love ur wolas series, cant wait for storm fortress. would love to see it in movie form - perhaps orlando bloom as lysaer.

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Is she looking to self-publish? Otherwise, allow me to point out that money is supposed to flow towards the author, meaning that publishers (and agents) that ask for fees tend to be a scam.


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I think Orlando Bloom would make a great Arithon. The installments does worry me a little. Maybe Janny can give some good advice on that. I don't know what I'd do if I got that offer. They usually give you the whole check up front I think is how it works. Be cautious with offers though and check the company out to be sure it's on the level and a good company.

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As Selene said…Money flows TOWARD the writer.

Your friend might want to check out the SFWA (Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America)Writers beware page.

And an anti-scam article they's also posted.

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There is some excellent fact information there, to keep your friend from being taken advantage of.

In terms of markets for children - I have no idea. There is a Children's Writers & Illustrator's Market Guide that is put out every year. Your friend might want to consider borrowing a copy from the library, or picking it up at a bookstore.


This looks like what's called a "vanity press" - the author pays to have the book published, and it's the LITERAL kiss of death on a literary career.

Avoid them.

Sandtiger beat me to the punch on the links to SFWA's anti scam sites - read them!

Then go to the library and get ahold of the reference book Literary Marketplace for the current year, and do your research on REAL markets.

Note: Vanity presses print Anything, they take your money, make Their profit, and you - get nada but a stack of books nobody will ever see, since they will have NO distribution and no buying market. No bookstore will touch them, or shelve them, or frankly, give a damn. You wind up sending them to relatives, period.

If your friend is serious about writing, she will do the work, plow the ground, and know the trade she wishes to enter.

Vanity press believe it or not, is WORSE than "self publishing" - a LEGAL scam in business clothes that feeds off wannabe writers who are too out of touch or just too lazy to understand how the trade really works.

In the world of professional writing, manuscripts are sent in for consideration, if the editor at the publisher likes them, and the manuscript fits their target market, They make the Writer an offer of $$$ for rights to publish, and a contract. It is then up to the writer to get a savvy agent OR get saavy FAST with contracts, to NEGOTIATE that first contract into reasonable form (NOT sign the first thing sent, but negotiate the rights!!! and the monies due!!!). Then the partnership proceeds, with the publisher creating the finished books, and arranging distribution, for an advance and a royalty basis to the author.


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There's a con artist everywhere these days. Just sad you have to be so careful with everything.

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Caveat emptor (let the buyer beware).

There've been con artists as long as there have been people. :smiley:

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i'd just like to say thankyou to everyone for responding to my questions re-publishers. and am passing on information to my writer friend. once again, thankyou:smiley:

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Yes Trys but there are more of them and worse cons these days than before it seems. Getting worse all the time.

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Speaking of cons, one of the biggest area of cons is spam e mail.

I got one tonight that was refreshingly candid.

The subject line read:

"Suckers International"

Truth in spam, can you believe it? :smiley:

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I suspect it seems that way but I'd suggest that there are a lot more people in the world and information travels almost instantaneously these days so we hear about a whole lot more then we would've say 50 years ago. Add in that, in my opinion, there is very little reporting of 'news' and just media shoveling the negativity that increases their audience and it says a lot about the audience and what they want to know. There are a whole lot of good things going on out there in the world that we don't get to hear about unless we are diligent in our efforts.


You mean they were pushing lollipops? <big_grin>


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That is true Trys. It seems people are getting less considerate of others each generation. Too much work and economy I guess. People don't have time to relax and they get all stressed. I think it's getting to be a lack of consideration for others. Not everyone of course. Lots of good people in the world. I just mean some and they are the ones that do the cons and are rude to others. It's a tougher world these days. Just my thoughts on it.