Publication date?

originally posted by Daniela

Fantastic Fiction lists this book as being published in Dec 09 in the UK. Is that real? I noticed their dates slipped a bit this year.

originally posted by Trys

Hi Daniela,

No that date is not real. To quote Janny from another topic:


To have achieved the Dec 09 release, I'd have had to have the draft completely finished by Jan 1, 09. The start of a new arc just plain takes exacting care. This one more than any book, ever. The story has to develop in both directions, and deepen, and I do not want "split volume sprawl." Right at the moment, I am now well into the 600s for manuscript page count, and the plot is ripening up right smack on schedule, tipping into the frantic ramp up to finish.


originally posted by Daniela

okay - that is what I thought! Is there a projected date? I am assuming 2010?

originally posted by Angela Bawden

I would predict 2011, because after she drafts it, the editors will edit it, then Wutrs will review the edit, approving or denying and negotiating over changes. THEN it goes through a proofing edit, looking for mistakes not caught before this point. Then, and only then, can it be sent on to be published…BUT they won't print it until they have an idea of how many books to print, and that involves a marketing process that also takes time. ARGgg!! THEN we will have a sure, solid publication date, because after all the above, they still have to print the darned things, and have them shipped to all over the world, which I believe take s minimum of three months. blech! but such is life. So, if Wurts were to finish today, then I'd be guessing at a publication time for the fall of next year…but from what I've read, she's not done yet. *sigh* oh well.

PLEASE, people, do not speculate - it starts rumors.
Very close to done, yet! I'm on schedule.

originally posted by Hunter

As Gandalf might have said, the book will be ready precisely when it is meant to.

Oh to be a Great Drake and unconstrained by the linearity of normal time…

originally posted by Neil

Strange coincidence…the last 2 novels by Guy Kay (one of 2 - ahem - authors I'd buy from without question) were published the same year as the last 2 WoLaS books. Since Under heaven comes out next year, my bet is a given…*grin*

originally posted by Nathan Kemp

Sorry Janny but you must be mistaken. emailed me this morning to inform me that the release date has now changed as follows:

"Unfortunately, the release date for the item(s) listed below was changed by the supplier, and we need to provide you with a new estimated delivery date based on the new release date:

" Janny Wurts "Initiate's Trial: First Book of Sword of the Canon (The Wars of Light & Shadow)" Estimated arrival date: November 30 2009".

Didn't you know that your manuscript is already at the printers? :smiley:

On a more serious note, take all the time you need, your masterful work is always worth waiting for.

originally posted by Mark Stephen Kominski

And to think that they pay someone to make mistakes-I-mean guesses like that…

What a mess - I suspect that date is just something punched out automatically - or somebody typoed.

Amazing they can't get it fixed.

Nov 09 is, of course, quite wrong.

originally posted by Nathan Kemp

I received another publication update from Amazon this morning. Looks like they have got it wrong again:

"We regret to inform you that the following items have been delayed as we are still awaiting stock from our suppliers :

Janny Wurts "Initiate's Trial: First Book of Sword of the Canon (The Wars of Light & Shadow)" Estimated arrival date: December 17 2009".

They are so off base, it's not funny anymore - I wonder who's feeding the misinformation? One thing I do not want is a "reputation" for delayed manuscripts…ah well.

Part of the reason for the twitter account is to keep the manuscript page count public, so folks can see the factual, day to day progress.

originally posted by Ashley Reay

This isn't the only book or author they've done that to. Another book I'm waiting for by Patrick Rothfuss was, according to Amazon, supposed to be out April '09 then April '10 although the author's said on his webpage that he is no where near finished the manuscript. I don't trust Amazon information anymore.

originally posted by DarthJazy

Yoda would say

a great book released one day it will to the force

OFFICIALLY, for the hardback:

October 27, 2011

originally posted by David Gardner

Fantastic-- looking forward to it!

originally posted by Neil

Will there be a concurrent kindle release?

I never thought I would say it but if I have to choose between carrying my iphone or kindle around v. a large hardback it is a "no-brainer". :wink:

Neil, I don't know, yet on that one.

The whole series has been made available for the Kindle - that just happened.

originally posted by Sleo

AND the Nook!

originally posted by Laneth Sffarlenn

I'm really wishing that Apple would get their iBooks store updated so that they can be consumed on the iPad.

Personally, I cannot stand the Nook or Kindle and would much prefer the sleekness of the books you can get on the iPad. (PDFs don't cut it in iBooks; they don't animate the same or have the same functionality - search, bookmarks, etc.)

Still, I'm buying a physical copy of the book regardless of whether I buy it digitally - I simply cannot have an incomplete series sitting on my bookcase :smiley: