Prequel to Curse of the Mistwraith?

originally posted by Shaun Davis

First, I must tell you that you are one of my alltime favorite authors. I became a fan of yours with the "Empire" series, oppostie Raymond Feist and his Midkemia books. You are an incredible author, keep them coming. I haven't read a bad book from you yet.
I was wondering if you have any plans to go back in time and tell the story of how Arithon and Lysaer's ancestors originally went from one world to the other and about their fued and the story leading up to the Curse of the Mistwraith?

Hi Shaun -

Thanks for your nice words!

The answer is: yes. Some of that is already available. If you can get a copy of Masters of Fantasy edited by Bill Fawcett, there's a story called Child of Prophecy included in that anthology.

I have another installment written as a short story, but not yet placed.

And there will be yet another coming in Jana Paniccia's and Julie Czerneda's anthology, Under Cover of Darkness.

I have plans for more – but, truthfully, finishing Stormed Fortress takes precidence.

originally posted by Cheryl Detmer

I didn't know this story was in that book Masters of Fantasy. Thanks and I'll buy a copy next time I'm at the store. I look forward to Under Cover of Darkness. I heard about your story in there Janny and have been looking forward to it. I loved the reading you did at Dragon Con. Helped me get an insight into the world. Look forward also to Stormed Fortress. I haven't read a bad book from Janny yet either. lol

originally posted by Shaun Davis

I think it is really great that you actually respond to your fan's like this. A lot of author's do not. This gives your fans the opportunity to connect with you and have more personalized feelings towards your writing and you as a person.
I think I represent many others when I say THANK YOU.
I really like your writing style, your development of the characters, and the way you blend everything together.
As a man, I have read mostly male authored fantasy books, because it is a male dominated genre, but I do enjoy several of the female author's as well. You, Anne McCaffrey and Melanie Rawn are incredible.
You not only give the female thoughts and perspective, to your characters, but you do an excellent job of representing the male character's as well. Do you get some assistance from any men to help you with developing your male characters?
I thought you worked well with Raymond Feist, and I am certain you both helped each other out.
David and Leigh Eddings make a great team also. I was not shocked when it came out that Leigh had been helping him for years. I always thought that he did a better than average job of developing his female characters, like you do with your male characters.
The more I read your books, the more impressed I become.

Shaun - thanks for your nice words.

You Asked - How I wish I had a "helper" for these titles!!! (The work in them is indescribable).

Truthfully? I don't - beyond the tracking done by test readers, which really tells me what I have on page, and if it matches what I'd envisioned…Ray hasn't had time, nor have I, for years - to even read each other's finished books! I do try, but I have not read his bibliography to completion by a long shot.

About male characters - I don't, either. (grin). I have a lot of experience as the only woman on the scene in male company - offshore sailing, teaching sailing to young men who'd recently purchased fast boats - and in pipe bands, to name a few. Plus I was in a mixed college dorm, and a mixed Outward Bound brigade - all this at an early enough age that observation was Everything. It's pleasing to hear from your take I didn't get it all wacked awry - !!!

I just hate the "male author stereotyped cardboard cutout woman" and vice versa…I have tried with all my stories to avoid that angle.

originally posted by Hunter

Shaun - I am hoping the next couple of volumes (starting with Stormed Fortress) fleshs out Davien's motives and the causes of the rebellion that initially caused the heirs to flee through the West Worldsend gate.

The story behind the original s'Ffalenn and s'Ilessid fued on Dascen Elur was originally listed in a transcript which I think is no longer accessible, although most of it became the excellent and extensive FAQ you can find on this site courtesy of some knowledgable and resourceful gents. This described the origins of the feud - about a grain shipment that went wrong with merchants involved and both s'Ffalenn and s'Ilessid getting told lies by various flunkies… enough to start a war…

originally posted by Hunter

Also… not 100% sure I agree with your thoughts of Eddings' female characters… Polgara and Ce'Nedra were two of the most annoying characters to grace the pages of a fantasy series. Conversely the Elenium seemed to have far more accessible believable female characters as well as a far more amusing collection of characters all round…

originally posted by joshua bruce law

Hunter i would agree with your assessment of Ce'Nedra, and Polgara in the main bulk of text does seems to be lacking a certain something. But when reading the companion novel about her life and journey it shows a depth of character that is hidden in the full belgaraid/mallorean . Particuarly her time in Vo Wacune, and in Nadrak as well.

I would agree that Seraphina from Elenium/Tamuli is a much more rounded character, as is Dweia/Emmy in the Redemption of Athalus. But there is a lot of repitition of character types in their books.