*Possible Spoiler* Can Morriel plead insanity?

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I'm doing a re-read of GC at the moment, and at the same I'm also reading Shakespeare's Hamlet for a school assignment. One part late in the play caught my attention, where Hamlet argues with Laertes that an act done in madness cannot be held to the person who committed said act.
Seeing as Morriel is now rather old indeed, and thinks her mind is slipping, albeit just traces of true mage-awareness getting in (Hearing the stone, GC), with the stress and rigours of a forced mastery life extension, isn't it entirely possible she may be losing her mental faculties?

This isn't an attempt to get Morriel off the hook for what she did to poor little Selidie,I've always thought she was a scheming old crone who well deserves the occasional comeuppance dished out by Arithon and Dakar, but could her dashed hopes of being able to freely die have tipped her over the edge? And by that, could "justice" hold her responsible if she was unsound mentally?

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Sethvir DOES note, at the conclusion of her visit to Althain in FP that "the pressures of her office have driven her a bit mad" [paraphrase, I don't have FP handy at the moment] and in GC, when she was about to start her mayhem against the lanes, Sethvir again observed, "She's frail and she's desperate."

So, Sethvir is aware of her problems, and is responding compassionately, as did Asandir. But would this mitigate anything she would ultimately have to answer for? I would guess the Paravians would try to heal AND redeem her, as far as her free will would permit, but entities like the Great Drakes, to whom the F7 are bound, and whose will still commands the actions of the F7, would not cut her any slack.

Sethvir would probably weep as the Drake binding compelled him to destroy her.

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I'd be the first to declare the old spider non compos mentis and have her placed in a safe place. But then I'm applying Earth rules. I'm looking forward to seeing the answer to the question 'what do we do about a Prime like Morriel". (energy must be flowing in strange patterns this morning, using Latin and a quote from a movie in the same post. Got… to… get… coffee. ::smile:: )


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While I might think Morriel has become a bit unhinged with all those years huddled over her equally twisted focus stones, she has my sympathy. The poor woman is just plain bloody determined she is going to pass that prime power onto someone, seeing her premature death certainly seems to have been too much for her. I am sure all the powers on Athera would have sympathy for her situation, not sure Daelion would let her off on an insanity plea though. She better hope he has a sense of humour, the joke is bound to be on Morriel.

I do hope Selidie gets her life back after Morriel departs though, it would be unfair if she had to pay the price for Morriel's mistakes. Now I would love it if Dakar did get a chance to give Morriel/Selidie some well deserved comeuppance. I doubt he will get that crafty before she passes the wheel though.

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