Points of Views Information

originally posted by Cheryl

Whle editing my small story so far, my dad noticed I need to change my tense in quotations on omnipitent view. I understand first person and third, but still seem to not know all the view points. I have some reference guide books to study on POV's but not that many. I know omnipitent isn't popular now with the head hopping but I can't see how this story could be told in another way. I got this story without having been to college in many years. I'm think their must be some books out there with more information on points of views. I'm going to keep writing and my dad can help me along with this. Fun to attempt this anyway and keep practicing. Janny said not to stop so I won't. Any advice on points of views would be very appreciated. Janny made me understand it better but it seems I need more study on them. Thanks

originally posted by sueboulton

Hi Cheryl,

I found Characters and Viewpoint (The Elements of Fiction Writing)by Orson Scott Card, very useful with regards to POV. It is a minefield and no mistake.

If you get chance have a look at these few threads. Some helpful info to think on.