Plethora of Janny Wurts!

originally posted by Shaun Seibel

I do so love that word!

The last two weeks of June, I had quite the surprise in store for me, as I had quite honestly not planned on spending money on my vacation.

However, it was with childlike exuberance that I found myself running from bookstore to bookstore, looking for not only the Fantasy Masters, but Flights of Fantasy as well.

Even if I had hated every story in the books, I will definitely cherish that day. I haven't gone that much out of my way to find a book since I was teenager (relying on my parents goodwill to drive me to a bookstore).

Thanks, Janny, for a little bit of my childhood back. :smiley:

Anybody with similar stories, be it current or past?

originally posted by Beth

Actually, I just had that problem with 'When He Was Wicked' by Julia Quinn. Noone had it for 2 days after it was released. Very disappointing to travel between 4 stores (2 BN's and 2 Borders) and not find it as I can usually find it released on the day at one of the stores.

BTW, I was so surprised to also find a Mercedes Lackey story in the 'Fantasy Masters' book. I couldn't wait to read either story and couldn't decided which one to read first.


originally posted by Auna

The Mercedes Lackey story was really cool, I enjoyed it. It was different than any of the other Valdemar stories I've read.