Petition for Recognition

originally posted by Laneth Sffarlenn

Hey everyone,

This was posted on another forum I attend and I was bitterly disappointed with Our Lady's score…

(link removed)

It's the "Fantasy 100: Top 100 Fantasy Books" results, and apparently The Curse of the Mistwaith scores 195…

I think we should start a "petition for recognition" of Janny's work - it's a crime and a travesty that she's not ranked independently higher on the list, for WoLaS, Cycle of Fire or any of the short stories…

Janny, perhaps ye need to do what Ray Feist did with Magician and do an anniversary re-write with your 'greater level of skill in writing'? *grin*

Either way, I really think we as a society (the members here) should research ways of strategically marketing Janny's books to various communities to get her better recognition by the people who run these lists…

originally posted by Derek Coventry

I wonder how many of those who took part in that survey were true SF readers. I've just taken part in their poll and picked out 10 from their list and when I looked back at their top 200 I found the majority of my choice appeared twix 150 & 200! Hopefully when my poll is taken into account it will raise Janny's undeserved position.

THANK YOU!!! :smiley:

Increased presence for these titles Always helps raise awareness. I could not ask for better help on the matter.

originally posted by alexith

I voted, but it was very hard to pick only 10 (well 9 b/c I already knew one vote went towards CotMW). Not to many of the ones I picked were in the top 100.

originally posted by Trys

What I find irritating about the list of books is that when I find an author who wrote a book that I would consider in my top 100, the list does not have THAT book listed. For example: Sheri S. Tepper; they list King's Blood Four… I'd vote for Grass or Robert A Heinlein; they list Glory Road… I'd vote for Stranger in a Strange Land. I voted for one book. :smiley:

originally posted by Clansman

The irritating thing about this list is that it is just like Wikipedia - anyone can contribute. I am sorry, but democracy is the worst possible way to determine quality. It is, to paraphrase Churchill, the worst form of government too, except for all the others, but it really is the worst way to determine a list like this. Though everyone is entitled to an opinion, not every opinion is of the same weight or value, thus you get a skewed list like this. Democratic determination of quality has led to so-called reality television and the (blech!) Fox Network (except for The Simpsons, which is pretty good satire).

Some of the absolute schlok that is in the list baffles my mind. Also, some stuff that would not qualify as fantasy (such as science fiction (which is a totally different genre!), satire books), and even a Shakespeare play (Midsummer Night's Dream) is included in the list.

It was not surprising, or, in my opinion (for what it is worth :smiley:) improper, to see Tolkien at the top of the list. Some of the others that are "up there" owe their position to recent publicity, and some are pretty darn good or were ground-breaking at the time they were published.

The way that I would prepare such a list (the purpose of which would be to educate the reading public on where to go to get a great read), is to create a large panel of those who actually write or edit fantasy for a living. So Janny would be on the panel (of course) along with, say, George Martin, Terry Brooks, Judith Tarr, Ray Feist, Sara Douglass, Guy Gavriel Kay, et cetera and so on. Each author/editor would submit their list, and then a computer could easily tabulate the results.

I would also re-organize the list into to two lists. There should be a list for single novels, and a list for series. Sometimes a novel is head-and-shoulders above the others in a series, but the series as a whole is not as good. Sometimes, there are stand-alone fantasy novels. Comparing a stand-alone to a series is apples to oranges, in my book. There would also be brief synopses for each book or series. The website created from these lists would be fairly large as a result, but it would be very informative, and (I think) a positive thing for the fantasy reader, author and publisher alike. I would, given an unlimited budget, arrange for links with Amazon and other book web-sites, both in sales and in chat areas.

I would do separate lists for science fiction, in the same format as the fantasy section, but on its own webpage.

On critical review by her peers, I am sure that Janny's books would do very well.

Just my two cents on the subject. Think it'll go anwwhere?

There are many "lists" out there - Library Thing members are compiling another one at this moment. (1001 fantasies, a website list, open to nominations and seconds, with, eventually, descriptions of the books included)

Such things serve one purpose: to bring attention to titles.

In the broad sense of the word, it increases name recognition. The more of that, the more awareness - in a case of some more sophisticated titles, sometimes more awareness is needed, because not every reader can grapple the complexities. Some readers fall by the wayside. A successful series needs a constant influx of new readers, and a sharp jump, out the gate, when a new installment comes out, to alert folks who may not be "waiting" for it to notice it's available…this ensures the rapid sales that will create restocking.

Some series that have deep complexities have very very noisy readers - they post enthusiastically every chance they get, so it seems. This likely brings in more readers, and so increases the odds of repeat customers. I have watched such books rise, slowly, steadily, over the years, until now, there is hardly a list that does not include those most original author's works.

Although many book stores beside Amazon permit online ratings and customer reviews, (Waterstones, etc) if only the hordes bother to do so…why let the ignorant rule?

Lately, I have been making an effort to bring books I love to the attention of readers on a few select forums.

Clansman - check out this: (link removed)

originally posted by Clansman


What a fabulous page! I haven't been able to find SF on it yet, but I haven't really had the time to look.

Everyone else should check it out. Very cool.

originally posted by Laneth Sffarlenn


Head up the top of the page and mouse-over the "Authors" link, go across to "W" and find our Janny.

Or click here for her page:

BTW Janny, this is a nicely set-out review of your books. I love how he's broken up the books into the Arcs.

I'm wanting to do a similar thing for your books, and was wondering if there was a set of images that are your bookcovers that ye allow people to display on their site? (Like this site has done?)
(I also don't want to just Google image search them and simply put them up without your permission…)
I don't want them to be too big, and I was hoping to get all the UK Covers, as I'm in Australia…

Trys, ye might be able to help with this as well, no?

originally posted by Clansman

I noticed that the only book of Janny's that is actually reviewed there is Master of Whitestorm. The rest are publisher synopses. How could CotMW not be reviewed here, especially when it is featured as one of their top picks on the home page?

I wonder how one gets to be a reviewer on that page? They obviously have some work to do. They have done some rather nice stuff on other books.

originally posted by Laneth Sffarlenn

I can see this turning into a project within the users here - To go forth and multiply, recruiting vast numbers of people to the fold…

Hey! We need a Lysaer! Someone charismatic and in the public eye, who can name-drop Janny in a REAALLLY convenient place…

Perhaps we should see if we can't find some direct contact details for the webmaster or this "John" character who reviewed the books, and see if we can't submit our own reviews?

I do not know a thing about this site - I stumbled into it, and thought it was very nicely done. If you check on the page for the reviewers, the layout shows, very clearly, the preferences of each one. The fact the site is tagged "literature" is a bonus. :smiley: Somebody put a lot of TLC into the project, and took extra time on their background checks. Such thoughtful attention has my applause.

With regard to displaying book covers in such a format - if the book is being reviewed, or listed for readers, this has become an acceptable practice, to show the book as it appears, with the publisher's layout and typeface. This is depicting the BOOK - quite distinct and different from blowing up the artwork, or altering it, or cutting out a partial bit of the image as "web design" which would, then, infringe copyrights. I have no problem with publicity related display of the book's cover, it's to everyone's benefit.

originally posted by Derek Coventry

Great site! I've bookmarked it for later in-depth study. I feel my "To read" list is about extend rapidly.

originally posted by Clansman

I am thinking of contacting that site's moderators. I think they could use another reviewer. They only did one of Janny's books, and a very early one at that.

Janny, I agree with your assessment. This site has had some really strong planning and thought put into it. They also have many books I have never even heard of, and, like Derek, I suspect my "to read" list will similarly grow very lengthy.

originally posted by Katherine Hooper

Dear Janny Wurts and Fans,

Thank you for the compliments about!

I started the website last summer and have hand-picked several reviewers who share a love of excellently written fantasy literature. We are really just getting going.

One of our reviewers, John, is a particular fan of Janny's. (I believe she is his favorite author.) Eventually he'll put up more reviews. The reason there are not more is that the site is new, but he read them years ago, and it's hard to write a review for a book you read a long time ago.

I'm embarrassed to admit to you that I have not yet read any of her work, though, because of John's recommendation, she's near the top of my TBR list. I truly look forward to reading some soon!

I'm glad you've found the site helpful and hope you'll visit often!


Hi Kat - welcome here - and again, an enthusiastic round of applause for your site, which I found to be superior in many ways. The display and the graphics are just gorgeous, too! I am planning to visit in more depth, when I have time, to mine for a few titles of merit I may have missed.

A wave to John - tell him, Stormed Fortress is just out in London.

originally posted by Kat

Thank you, Janny! May I quote you on my website? I've had a few author responses, and I'm thinking of adding those in. John will be thrilled by the wave – I'll pass it on!

originally posted by Clansman


Great website! You really have done a great job.

Start your reading with Curse of the Mistwraith. You are guaranteed to love it. You are also guaranteed to pick up Ships of Merior soon after!!! :smiley::smiley::smiley:

I estimate that you have several months of excellent reading in front of you. A pity you haven't discovered Janny's stuff before, but then, that's what's great about reading. You can always pick up a book, and have as much enjoyment as you would have had ten years before. Have fun! I almost wish I was reading The Wars of Light and Shadow for the first time.

originally posted by Kat

Actually, her books have been on my list for a long time, but my list is very long and I just haven't gotten around to them. I will now move them up.

Your comment about wishing you were reading them for the first time made me smile. I understand what you mean!!

Kat - absolutely, you may quote me. This forum is quite public, and I back what I love, no holds barred.