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Come on Janny we need more PLEASE


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Yeah Janny, add me to the list too

Work is really hotting up for the year, I had to give up on last week's leave at home with the kids for a crisis and I'm off to work today - your books keep me going and when I have time the website does too - some complete escapism yet which reflects on life at deeper levels. Dakar's sneak peek was a real tease, 'cos it showed so little (anyone speculate on exactly which sacred grounds he was crossing, or what he was up to?)

Looking forward to having my preconceptions blow up in my face…

You know the answer to the question - the hotter the better!

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You can definately count me in! Please give us all just a bit more so that our collective heads don't explode.

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I'm in. Tease away!

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This thread has my wholehearted agreement. Please throw us another scrap from the table :frowning_face:

("Thank you Master!" Ten points to anyone who gets the reference.)

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I'll add my name to the list of petitioners

Well, I've asked suggestions from a test reader as to what may work…hmmmm. Brightens. Finish the scene in progress first…(howl some more? Yeah, let em howl some more…we need more than bat squeaks to break the Forum Quiet!

And, there's the all important mess of press releases/otherstuff to pull together to speed that May relaunch off the pad.

Which squeaky wheel to grease first?!

Wicked grin.

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*Dances in with pots, pans and beating implements*

Quiet? Where? I'll learn 'em!

*Beats on a deep pot with a heavy saucepan, hoping amidst the cacophony that the missus won't notice the dents*

There's nothing quiet in here, thank you very much! Now, about that spoiler…

originally posted by Neil


It's true that we have thrashed the issues to death over the years and failed to second guess the story time and time again…it gets a little futile to speculate :wink:


The Biedar, Necromancers and Koriani are forces to be reckoned with. The Koriani and Necromancers seem "under control"(?) albeit rather troublesmoe for the F7.

Do the Bieder's priorities align with F7? Are they capable of causing the F7 trouble? They appear to be biding their time if the Koriani are their target.

Will dragons become an issue for the F7. Surely the dragon attack must have implications for the Alliance of Light. If one starts flying around, will more appear? Will F7 be blamed for the dragon attack on Avenor? Or Havish perhaps? Will the clans suffer some more?

And if the next arc is 200 years later, say, what has happened or come to maturity to make this arc a "milestone" of interest? Certainly Lysaer and Arithon have outlived most human from arcs 1-3…but so do the koriani (and they are not considered immortal or divinity). Is the koriani prime a known public figure I wonder. Don't the public wonder why she lives for 1000 years?

And another snippet…yes please although I fear it will be unrewarding until the book comes along :wink:

originally posted by Mark Stephen Kominski

Ah, but the public don't realize that Selidie is Morriel, do they? Rather, for the normal population who happened to be alive during the succession (and won't be for the next book), Selidie is the next Prime, not the SAME one. And 200 years is pedestrian for Koriani, if I'm understanding their increased longevity correctly…

originally posted by Neil

Yes but…before Selidie…and even after…200 is perhaps average age for a senior rank Koriani (only the senior ranks get the longevity binding why I wonder? Perhaps to have long enough to master more complex crystals that in turn becoe more complex…a vicious circle)

But I am guessing this information is not in the public domain.

How widely known / accepted is the Koriani lifespan?

Caolle seemed to think that the koriani longevity lore and other things are "whispered" about by clans.

I therefore assume Townborn will have lost this knowledge perhaps or have never known. Except in Erdane and Hanshire. And perhaps it does not matter to most townborn. To the religion of light they could become "witches".

And Sethvir is pretty peeved at them. So are teh Beidar. They both would be happy to let either Lysaer or Arithon have a little bit of retaliation.

originally posted by Neil

and a few more unfocused musings…

And there are 2 cults of necromancy left…what if one cult conquered Lysaer and the other group conquered Arithon? Seems unlikely…Lysaer on his own is not a major target but Arithon yes…

But it cannot suit anyone for the curse to succeed if humanity is doomed. And for the grey kralovir to be "defeated" after 1000s of years must have been a shocker/pleasant surprise to everyone with "awareness"?

Perhaps the Koriani will capture Arithon and successfully negotiate something useful? I still think that Koriani and necromancers are now on the "to do" list of Davien, Arithon…and of course the Biedar.

Arithon will save Lysaer somehow and the Biedar knife is considered by the Biedar to be his to wield?

The thing is that, as yet, the mistwraith / free wraiths / paravians still have not quite made it / made it back to centre stage.

originally posted by Kirsten Laurelle Wallace

Please… excerpt?

originally posted by joshua bruce law

I would add my own voice to the legion asking for an excerpt, but only as long as it doesn't distract the illustrious talespinner from her duties completing her hopefully very weighty (with a high word count) tome.

originally posted by Catherine Wilson

Memorial Day has passed. We are, officially, in Summertime mode! That should mean we are all ready for a nice, juicy tidbit (a bit longer than the last one would be Just The Ticket!). So, add my name to the list for another preview snippet.

originally posted by Kirsten Laurelle Wallace

I'm in for the new plead for tidbits… especially since I'm not eligible for the prize for the one letter plot synopsis award. :smiley:

originally posted by Mark Stephen Kominski

And as the "creator" of said contest, I join you in the ranks of the ineligible, Kirsten (that plus the fact that if you left me with the easiest letter I still wouldn't have come anywhere near Walt, anyway!). While I'm at it, I'll also join you in the snippet appeal…

*Pulls up a chair and sits next to Kirsten, looking at the Talespinner expectantly, or at least hopefully…* :wink:

So you want a new peek, huh???

Well, let's see…incentive…no spoiling. That limits the field rather drastically but…

Let's see how many NEW READER votes we can match with the old hands, here?

There's a challenge!

Meantime, squall away. You never know. It may work. She might weaken. She might go soft in the brain. She might get dreamy eyed and just give in.


I've seen puppies and cats beg more effectively…:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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Not a new reader just a new commenter. A peek would be delightful.