Peril's Gate

originally posted by HJ

Yes, I'm here again. Peril's gate. I must be a real saddo, I don't know. This book moves me like nothing I've ever read. I've just read the bit where Arithon and Jieret have parted, agonisingly. Braggen is now traveling with Arithon's inert body. Elaira is journeying with Davien. Kevor has just woken.

I just keep weeping with the gravitas of what's going on. Having read on, to the end of Stormed Fortress, when you go back and do re-reads, Ath's Mercy! You get more and more of an insight.

Loving it!

Hey HJ - great to see you here! And glad to know the book is still revealing ever more layers and levels. :wink:

As I complete the last stages of Initiate's Trial, it's nice to see this…you have no idea.

I cannot wait to see the responses to come on this next installment!!! Expect some surprises.