Paravian translation question

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OK I give up! what does 'ei,an ist,thalient' mean? I just can't seem to come up with more than 'one is --?? so I will be happy for a translation. It is what Arithon said to Glendian at her wedding. I am at my slower second reading and these little questions keep popping up but they really are just trivia and so by the time I get to work I have forgotten them. [grins at ya]

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See Glossary. :smiley:

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"Ei'an ist'thalient": "A particularly rock-headed fool bound for disaster." That's a really good insult XD Just the way it's worded makes it amusing.

And Janny! :o "…Glendien waited with bated breath for his translation."

"'You know your Paravian well enough,' Kyrialt chided her…"

Is that a subtle nudge to us fans to stop expecting spoon-fed translations and go look it up ourselves? XD

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Yes Konran, I believe it is! I knew I just was being lazy, but my nursing instructors always made us 'look it up' and I can tell you they always had the better answers and they still didn't cure my laziness for looking up things. I knew that 'thalient' or 'rock' in it but how did that relate to the sentence, that was my question. And thank you Janny as well, I knew I should be at it longer, but that little translation interrupted my reading for a whole hour and I kept thinking, that was longer than most commercials. The only other language I speak with any accuracy is 'medicalese' [grinning at ya from the public library in Ilwaco Wash.]