Paravian phrase

originally posted by Joelle Trousdale

Hey folks. Wondering if someone can help me out. I've got a paravian phrase stuck in my head. I thought it was in the glorious dictionary in the back of one of the books but it's not. I know the phrase is in one I've reread recently so it's before Traitor's Knot. Can anyone help me find it?

The phrase is Know thou, thyself. Phonetically I know it's something like siel i'an i'annient but I want to get it 100% right.


originally posted by Gary Coady

It's "Siel i'an i'anient".

The phrase was inscribed on the lintel at the inner portal where Arithon entered the Maze of Davien (in the chapter, "Peril's Gate", in the book "Peril's Gate").

originally posted by Joelle Trousdale

Ah ha! Thank you so very much. I knew I'd read it really recently.