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originally posted by Beth

Anyone heard if/when this is going to be made available in paperback in the US?

I hate not having a Janny book in my collection.




There will be a large format paperback (trade paperback) due out from Meisha Merlin in March.

NO PLANS at this time for mass market. So far, the trade edition is the only paperback for the USA, though you can get the mass market size from Great Britain.

The mass market paperback, in the USA, is plagued with the problem of "returns" wherein the book itself can be DESTROYED (cover torn off and returned by the shop) for full credit with the publisher - a wasteful practice, damaging to Everyone, that drives up the price of the book, to the consumer, and also, harms our environment. Though this releases the book shop from "risk" of stocking, it creates a right mess, in the long haul.

I would dearly LOVE to see the trade edition of Hell's Chasm become well established enough that I did not need to endorse a system that is badly in need of an overhaul…a complex issue, that has plagued the industry in recent years and is in need of an innovative step to relinquish.

Many readers who only buy mass market might well NOT KNOW that Hell's Chasm exists…which is a risk, but I can hope in this case that the story is strong enough to gradually infiltrate the mass awareness.

In future, there may be a platform for this story in that format - but not in the offing, at this time.

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I remember only too well, when working in a bookstore, about taking a pile of paperbacks that were "not selling" and having to rip the covers off, as well as do other damage to the book so it would not be attractive to "dumpster divers."

I asked why the books could not be recycled, and was informed that it would take too much effort. I also asked why, considering the problems libraries and anti-illiteracy campaigns are having with huge budget cuts, and was informed, again, that it would be too much trouble to deal with the tax credits. (!)

Gotta ease those "efforts" somehow, because the waste is just staggering.

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Thank You for the response. I will look forward to the trade edition. I don't have a problem buying trades instead of mass market. Actually my Harry Potter books are the trade versions. I just can't afford the Hardback version in money or space.

I really hate that bookstores destroy books just to return them. At least donating them would help people out. Or recycling.


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Funny, I held off buying the book because I was waiting for the cheaper trade paper. I thought I had ordered the trade paper last week, but when the book arrived it was a hardcover! I prefer a hardcover but it's funny since there wasn't even an option to get the hardcover. However my friend teased me for my latest "brick."

Meisha Merlin's trade paperback version is due out in August. There are still hardbounds left.

In the UK, there is a mass market paperback.

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I had to go to 3 bookstores last week to find a copy of Meisha Merlin's hard cover. I had just finished the entire series over the previous two weeks, and needed to buy it asap. Is there not going to be another edition, or are they just selling off this one before they print the next?

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Is there not going to be another edition, or are they just selling off this one before they print the next?


Not sure what you are asking here. The Meisha Merlin edition of Traitor's Knot just came out.


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I guess my confusion was with the wording "There are still hardbounds left", implying to me that they there weren't many left, and that weren't many left and when they were gone that would be it, however, I think I read into it far too much.

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It's very normal in book publishing to put out a hard cover edition or trade paper back (hard cover sized but with soft cover) first then release a mass market paperback (normal smaller size) some time later - anywhere from 6-12 months or more later.

From a business perspective, it's about supply and demand. Those that want the book will buy the initial release - which is usually more expensive - and then later the cheaper mass market to broaden the scope to those who don't want to pay premium for a book.

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"There are still hardbounds left"

I believe Janny was referring to To Ride Hell's Chasm and maybe you were also. If so, sorry for my confusion. If not, TRHC is due out in trade paperback from Meisha Merlin in August.


I just received my author's copies of the NEW trade paperback edition of To Ride Hell's Chasm - so, it should be appearing before too much longer…Lynn suggested two more weeks - I'd appreciate hearing if you see copies, and where.

And the artwork's been corrected.

originally posted by Timothy

I got the trade paperback version of TRHC… And I enjoyed it quite a bit! The only thing I didn't quite understand was why the Efandi princess couldn't be healed by the Shamans of her country… but I'm glad I finally got to read this story!

originally posted by Auna

I can only guess that the shamans in that area didn't know how to do that type of healing, and they don't really interact with other groups of shamans to disseminate the information.

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I purchased it last week. I haven't opened it yet but plan to soon.


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Janny, I wasn't sure where to post this so I figured here was as good as anywhere else. I just finished reading "To Ride Hell's Chasm." It was excellant. It definitely gets to be numbered among one of my favorite books. Seriously, awesome job. :smiley:

Hi Kirsten Laurelle Wallace - welcome here, this is indeed the place.

So sorry I was away for the weekend at the Mythic Faire in Baltimore, and didn't see your message until now!

Thanks so much for your lovely, enthusiastic post! What a lift to receive it upon my return home.