Our first listen

Don and I sat down - LAUNCH NIGHT! - with bubbly and gave the first two chapters a listen to celebrate the launch!

David Thorpe's reading is captivating! I was amazed at how well he did Tathagres! And the Kielmark - and made Emien and Taen sound young. The use of accents was just brilliant!

I was also stunned at the way he was able to use the descriptive phrases to feed into the emotional MOOD of the scene - this is a man who throws himself into his work!

And his pronunciations were exact to the file I recorded and sent.

Here's a round of applause for David Thorpe's performance!

Anybody else have comments?

originally posted by plutoplex

I started listening to it yesterday, and have been blown away! Having thoroughly enjoyed the series when I read it a few years ago, I was already looking forward to the audiobook. But Thorpe's performance makes it sound as if the book were made to be read aloud (as opposed to being read silently to oneself) - even better than I had hoped!

plutoplex - I'm pleased as punch you are enjoying it! Even better than I'd hoped, too.

I'd not looked at this story for so many years - it's enchanting to hear it read so beautifully. AND it's making me nuts - grin - because the prose is so FINISHED, and each day, I am wading on with the polish of the current manuscript, waiting for that free hour at the end of the day. grin.

How far have you gotten with the recording?

originally posted by plutoplex

I'm 7 hours in. I was trying to savour it, but ended up halfway through before I could stop myself. Here's hoping Keeper of the Keys gets released soon! And, fingers crossed, the WoLaS in the not-too-distant future!

I was told 'in about a week' - but I don't have the solid date - I will post immediately when I hear. The plan was, get them all out - not to make the readers wait.

You may be the first to finish, plutoplex…:smiley:

I am honoring my work schedule and only listening an hour at the tail end of the day - night really - I don't listen till I'm off Initiate's Trial, and the whupped factor kicks in.

originally posted by plutoplex

I finished it yesterday, and wow! Now to start a countdown for the release of Keeper of the Keys.

Next week, for Keeper of the Keys - with luck. I was told it was 'delivered' - thanks for the word back, Plutoplex - if anyone hasn't listened to David Thorpe's sample clip - definitely check it out.

originally posted by Wayne

Only few hours in myself… Sounds great!!! Loving every minute of it!!! Taking my time in listening

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I've deleted a post that was off topic and posted by a non-registered user.

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I recently got 'Stormwarden' as a birthday present and was very excited when I finally pressed the Play-button.

What can I say - the audio book is just wonderful and David Thorpe has done a great job! As it has been ages since I last read the books, meaning that I had forgotten quite a bit of the story, it was a nice surprise to see (well, hear) that the Kielmark appeared so early. I am not very far in yet (about 3 hours), so more later.

That is GREAT to hear you are supporting the audio production for Cycle of Fire - David Thorpe did a splendid job!!! I could not be happier.

Good News coming, too, in the audio dept:
Tania Roduiguez posted in her twitter feed that she is the narrator for the Empire series, and I think she'll be totally awesome.

Also: announcement will be soon, but production has also started for TWO other of my solo titles. I don't know who the narrators will be, yet. Once I have a firm release date and more information, I will make an official announcement.

originally posted by Harrison Kogan

Is there any likelihood that The Curse of the Mistwraith will be made into an audiobook?

Bother the editors in London…I would cry tears of joy to see this happen…!!!

Same for Hell's Chasm.

The audio rights are part of the HC London contract, I had to part with them to get the books back into the USA…

originally posted by Ypso

What I like especially about Thorpe's narration, aside from it being so full of life, is the fact that he manages to bring together both intensity and a clear pronunciation. Too often, at least to my experience, people in the dramatic art tend to mumble or speak otherwise in a way difficult to understand when you are not a native speaker yourself. Though that could also be due to the lack of distracting visuals in an audio book, making it easier to fully concentrate on the spoken words.

As for the news: How wonderful that there will be more of your books available as audio books in the not so far future! The wide range of books offered by Audible already convinced me to keep my newly acquired subscription, originally only bought for the Cycle of Fire, for a bit longer. With more of your books in the pipeline that decision just got reaffirmed.

Ath, should WoLaS ever be turned into in an audio book (knocking on wood) that would be so amazing.

Yes, on the clarity - I chose in favor of that, and the fact he didn't do the female voices with a patronizing inflection.

I would fall over happy to have Light and Shadows in audio…