Olden but Golden: The Etarra Prophecy

originally posted by Gary Coady

So I'm on my umpteenth re-read, and… when I get to the point where Dakar blacks out on the morning of Arithon's almost-coronation, I still don't really feel like I have the full story about what Arithon heard, why what was said conflicted with the Black Rose prophecy, and how it caused the Fellowship to go completely hands-off with the events of the day.

Is this actually explained, or do you think there's still a big reveal waiting for us in the next two books?

I asked Janny about this several years back by email. She mentioned that she had intentionally withheld the exact wording, but that it might come into play at some point in the future.


originally posted by Annette

What was said conflicted because in the Black Rose prophecy, Arithon apparently had to willingly to embrace kingship for things to work out. But in the prophecy given at Etarra, the brothers meeting face to face would result in a bloodbath, Arithon ended up avoiding kingship as a result of that second prophecy, but was still cursed by Lysaer.

It was never made clear what would happen, Arithon in his right mind would never kill Lysaer, but he did seem to think that might change.

Dakar - ‘Have you gone crazy?’
Arithon - ‘Not yet.’

Either way Arithon was worried about Lysaer, if you look at the subtle hints throughout the books, the Fellowship also are worried for Lysaer. The scene where Lysaer's hands were burned, might be a hint for the future Lysaer faces, if he were to ever judge himself guilty of killing Arithon, or anyone else he loved. Freeing Lysaer of the curse, might not be enough to save him.

The Fellowship stood back and allowed the Mistwraith its revenge, because of what they had seen in the strands. And they were still hoping to salvage that Black Rose prophecy.

"The wrong intervention now might displace the sequence of events that framed Dakar’s Black Rose Prophecy."
-Curse Of The Mistwraith

What type of kingship is Arithon going to be willing to embrace after all the conflict ends, and how is he going to survive to claim it? I am expecting there to be at least a few big reveals in the next book.