It's the year of shorts,surprise!!

In addition to the Athera story for Evil is a Matter of Perspective, we have (drumroll!!!)

UNFETTERED II in the works. Yes, with a Wurts story!! The deadline is very tight, I'll be doing this one immediately on turn in of Destiny's Conflict.

Perorders for the book are OPEN NOW (and it supports and extremely good cause, so please, support it by emptying your wallet for the chance to get in on the ground floor):


IF you want to see an Athera story in this one, too, suggestions are also open (the story can be ANYTHING I WANT) so make em good!!

In addition to Evil is a Matter of Perspective, and Unfettered II - there is another completed story for yet another anthology (not related to Athera at all, but something many of you may be excited about) - I have not announced this one, yet, though the story's been through edits - because it hasn't been announced yet by the anthologist…so more coming, inbound.

originally posted by Annette

I pre-ordered, and yes I really want an Atheran short story, with a name like Unfettered 2 is there a theme?

I would not mind seeing Marin Elaithe's end, if you do not do that for Evil is a Matter of Perspective.

Or if too dark how about a quick look at Jaest s'Ilessid and how he got his sword Daeltiri. With a footnote maybe explaining where the sword currently is?

Daeltiri is not the sword Lysaer had the reverse runes on is it? I thought that a newly forged black handled sword, but it was always unclear where the sword of the Kings of Tysan ended up.

originally posted by Clansman

Pre-ordered too.

This is exceptionally exciting. A new novel about to be turned in, and three, THREE! stories on the horizon.

It's an embarrassment of Wurtsian riches!