October 15th (today!) AMA, Janny answers questions at r/Fantasy

This is the live link for Janny's Ask Me Anything, on today at r/fantasy at Reddit. Questions can be posted throughout the day, and will be answered LIVE at 7 CST (8 EST) by Janny throughout the evening, with stragglers picked up tomorrow.

Bring your enthusiasm and participate!

http://www.reddit.com/r/Fantasy/comments/1oiacy/hi_im_janny_wurts_epic_fantasy_a uthor_pro/

originally posted by Sleo

Oh good! I just came over here to post it!

Thanks, profoundly, to all of you who showed in support of the event last night, your participation added a lot and your time was deeply appreciated.

originally posted by Annette

I never participated, not being a reader much these days I am not a member over there, but had fun reading the AMA. I especially liked the story of your tussle with the snakes in the bath Janny. You got a lot of interest, place seems very lively.

originally posted by Neil

so which "Dorothy Dunnett" should I start with :-)?

Neil - definitely try starting with her standalone, King Hereafter - it's an INCREDIBLE historically researched MacBeth - but it is NOT AT ALL what you think from the play Shakespeare wrote…it is uniquely Scottish, and what happened at that time was a far different set of customs, and far more influenced by fragmented politics and Norse influence, etc…if that book works for you, then her more complex stuff will, too.

That book has the easiest start point, and gets the best reception with new readers.

Her books are NOT skim reads, but something you digest slowly and carefully. The style takes getting used to, and you ARE going to miss the point (by a mile) at first, until you get the hang of how she does things.

FOR EVERYBODY: the finishing numbers for the AMA were NICELY above average and every single upvote counts!! to have kept it up on the page and visible. Those who created new accounts, this is not penalized but considered a point in our favor (in bringing new folks to the forum) so THANK YOU VERY MUCH for making me look good!!! and for helping the books gain new presence.

Great AMA! I always learn something new.