Now Available for the Kindle!

Hey, I had no idea - but a reader just pointed out that this title is available for the Kindle!

(Sometimes authors are the last ones to know!)

originally posted by Trys

Apparently so is:

Stormed Fortress (Feb 9, 2009)
Grand Conspiracy (Feb 9, 2009)
Peril's Gate (Feb 9, 2009)
Traitor's Knot (Jun 17, 2009)
To Ride Hell's Chasm (July 17, 2009)

The date in parentheses is apparently the date of Kindle availability.

originally posted by Theresa

Janny, Trys… You have just made my millennium… now if they will add the missing titles, my Kindle (and iPhone) will be complete. Yes, much glee from me!


Just in today - the e format (regualar) IS available - very recently…the editor is finding out if this is just for the UK, or worldwide - eventually all bases will be covered…I haven't found the listing yet, only the answer direct from the publisher.

I know that Waterstones offered the other titles that are in e format, so far.

originally posted by Gary

Hi Janny,
Slightly off-topic, but I bought the ebook version of Stormed Fortress from Waterstones UK the other day.

No problems, except that the smallest text in the map of Paravia is fairly unreadable - even using the zoom options on the reader. I don't know if it's easy for the publishers to fix, but maybe they could scan this page in a higher resolution for future editions?

It's fine for me because a) I know where most the towns are, and b) I have physical copies - but it could be frustrating for somebody who tried just the ebook.

Gary - thanks for the heads up! I will mention this.