Not enough time!

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What am I to do? I have let my mind wander for the last few months and failed to remember the up and coming reelase date for Initiates Trial. I have just had two other books come through the door (one being The Gathering Storm which i just HAVE to read). This now leaves me with approximately 2 weeks to complete the whole series again before reading Initiates Trial. No matter how hard i try that is going to be a tall order! I don't think i can bear having a new book sit there while i re-read the entire series. But i find i have to to truly get the measure of the book and to remember all the little details that one forgets over the course of a year since the last book!

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Hi Benjamin,

From your post it sounds like you saw the release date shown on Amazon or Waterstones. If you read through this forum you will find that Janny is still in the process of writing Initiate's Trial and so those dates you probably saw are incorrect. :smiley:


Hi Benjamin James - welcome here - the date put out for this year is in error. I am finishing up the final chapters of the draft for this book - and expect to have it done, very soon. There is a publication date spoken for, (and I have OKed the deadline with my editor) but I prefer to post it only when the schedule is totally FINAL - that means having the finished manuscript turned in. I am a very steady worker, as you can see if you check into the history of posts in the status thread.

Too many times, publishers will shift their dates internally - so it is not usually safe to fix on a release until the book is actually in production.

That should not be far off.

originally posted by Benjamin James

Ah well thats great news for me, perhaps not some others!
Just mowed through CotM in a couple of days. I always slow down mid through a series though, then speed up towards the end hehe.

Look forward with anticipation for the next arc. I read a LOT of fantasy and i think I put this at the top of my list. I love a lot of other series like Wheel of Time etc but i find the writing in these so complex and the storyline filled with so much detail that i never cease to pick up more and more about it when i re-read the series. And another factor is the fact that i learn new words from your writing which i tell you is a rare occurence for myself!

Keep up the good work Janny :smiley:

Benjamin James - thank you!
Next chapter is moving ahead nicely.