No surprise

originally posted by Neil

Ok so I am rereading Trator's knot again…I've failed to "get into" a couple of books recently so here I go again…back to "old favourites" to read to relax.

I haven't reached the end yet but I wanted to ask:

1) Do we believe the necromancers are out of the picture for the foreseeable future? Are there other cults that sooner or later would try the same thing? Do they really believe that they are a match for the F7?

2) Why does no-one seem "surprised" by the existence of necromancy? They all take it in their stride…ok…it's *scarey* (woahhhharaaa!), it's deplorable, "fast" (Typical reaction of Sulfind: Sh*t!, did you SEE that!?!) but the pesky necromancers just have to be dealt with…there's no "what the %'x@ is this?" impressions anywhere…I guess the main populace are scared at the end and don't understand what happened. Maybe all of our key characters are either F7/clan/mage trained/gifted/educated so are already in the know.

3) Koriani strategy "Get Arithon". If Arithon is captured alive (implication: Paravian return at risk), could they really keep him captive? Can they really bargain with the F7 or are the F7 obliged to just say "look let Arithon go free or we're obliged to destroy humanity: *Poof*! problem solved? "By the way seen any of the free wraiths recently?". Therefore, the koriani do not understand the compact and the F7 humanity survival dilemma?