No Janny Wurts Books in Germany :-(

originally posted by Marcel

Please, dear Fans, helped us German Fans!

The German publischer Bastei-Lübbe has ended the Wurts Series of Light and Shadow. (They mean: Not enough buyers but is truth is that: That they had fired ca. 50 workes of Books) (Sorry for my bad english; This is ONE ground, why I need German book. The English Version is for me to hard to read)

I hoped togheter we can find a new publisher for Jannys VERY VERY GOOD Series! (I love it, but we in Germany had only 10 Book (Our next is Perils Gate Part 1 (In germany the most US/UK Book comes in two Parts!))

In my opinon, the Blanvalet Puslisher is good. This pubblisher publish the books from Raymond Feist in Germany (Yeah! Darkwar Saga 3 - Vol 1 comes to us into May! Yeah!). With luck, they will have Jannys books… (I hope it)


Marcel - thank you for your caring. I, too, hope the series can be finished in Germany. You are not the only fan who has written of your disappointment.

If there is a new publisher who wants to come on board, they need only contact my agent (same one as Raymond Feist's).

If they are unable to commit to the full series, at first, To Ride Hell's Chasm is a one volume story.

originally posted by Marcel

I had ask Blanvalet (Their Covers in Germany are VERY awvul!) and they meant: "Not at this time"…
Better this as a "Never".

Ok, when it must, i will pay 25’ for a Book. /It was than very expensive, but better a expensive book as none… (The new Book from "Robin Hobb" costs in Germany 25 ’ (But Fans will buy it *g*))

PS: You, Raymond und Robin are BETTER author as Joanne K. Rowling, i found. Harry Potter is nice to read, but not more … Nothing really new…
Only… in Germany its a Book for Children… I found it to bloody/hard for childs. I mean, a wizzard that will killed all "normal" humans … Ists not really for childs…

Yeah, you three are my favorite (is this write correct?) authors without Germany. (We in Germany have ggod authors, but never can write big ggod Fantasy-Sagas. (I had ALL Janny, Robin and Raymond books, they was published in Germany (That VERY VERY many (I think thats are 60-70)

(I hope it will give’s a Happy end for Arithon and Lysear …)

PSS: Some of my withschoolers (I don’t know the corrent english word) say to me: "Who can you read book? - Are you dumb ???")
I answered "Why? - Why is read dumb? - Its dumb when you NOT read !"

PS: I don’t use to translate … THIS translations are ugyler as my english

Greets, Marcel

originally posted by Trys


You are very welcome here and you do very well in conveying your meanings.

Regarding your 'withschoolers' - students, children in school?

It's sad, very sad, that children don't seem to want read in Germany. I thought this was only true of American children.


originally posted by Marcel

"Regarding your 'withschoolers' - students, children in school?" yepp. This i mean. I’m a Pupil but I don’t the english word for my ynother Pupils …

I think, the "Read-Haters" has never read a good book. (from Janny Wurts *g*)

originally posted by Trys


Ahhh, I understand. I think the word you are looking for is classmates. :smiley:


originally posted by Marcel

Pleeeeease German publisher PUBPISHED Jannys Books !!
(We can now buy the new book from Ray Feist (This Series with Talon, Sidi/Leso Varen … Book 4. I don’t know the English Seriestitle. But I will Jannys book, too. For to read her book in English, my English is to very worse)

originally posted by Auna

Janny's works are a challenge for English speakers too in a good way. And your English is better than my German!

I have been getting a lot of e mail from German fans about the discontinuation of the series in their language. Not a few are quite fluent in English, and have gone on to get the books from Britain.

This makes me wonder whether the fans in that country could start a reading/fan group - that the more fluent with English could offer help to those wishing translation to follow the rest of the story - just a thought.

Supply follows demand - publishers tend to do what readers want. Awareness of this series will help it find a new home - in this way, the disappointment is a very good sign that a turnaround may be possible.

Thank you Marcel, for letting me know that many books were discontinued at Bastei - for good or bad, mine apparently weren't singled out.

originally posted by Marcel

We in Germany are often disatvantage by FantasyBooks. I had MUST buy your Cylus of Fire at a Second Hand Shop. (German Release 200X !)
I mean, this is hard. A "new" book, in 2005 not more to buy …

Or the "Magic Ship" Saga by Robin Hobb (Released 2000-2002 in Germany): Not more to buy. Very Fans are angry…

And your books… I read often in German "Chat Area/Foren" "Janny Wurts? - The good Co-autohr by Kelewan? But her "new" Saga stopped in Germany? Oh no!" This Fans will buy the books, but wait by they can buy newer book. (We has 10 Book by yout Series (I beliebe Grand Cos… II is in Germany "The Shadowwars 4" (The name of book 1-6 are "The curse of the nebula spirit") (Nebula or Mist… is this the same?)

@Auna: German is for people with a another "Mother-Language" very hard. Very many in Germany say too German is hard. But the little bit text from Janny Book 11 (11 in Germany, ? by you) - I found its very hard to read. Fantasy-English ^^

The German translations of the Wars of Light and Shadow went up through Grand Conspiracy. Each of the volumes was split into two books, due to size.

Therefore, the "starting place" where the translations ended would be Peril's Gate, then Traitor's Knot, then Stormed Fortress.

originally posted by Marcel

I hope Blanvalet (Published the "Kelewan-Saga) will publishd your books. (And I will a big Fantasy-Film of your Books *g*)

I would hope that Blanvalet might consider looking at To Ride Hell's Chasm to start with - this book is a court intrigue/action adventure which may be a comfortable "lead in" from the readers of the Kelewan-Saga - it would enable them to capture that crossover, and it would also be a smaller commitment, being a one volume story.

Then if that performed for them, they could plunge into the series.

I do keep dreaming - while finishing Stormed Fortress…

originally posted by Marcel

I hope they will pubshiled all your books.
I think the chance are good. Very many fans are angry about Bastei.

My favoriute figuresare Arithon und Lirenda. Morriel, i hadn’t like. A bad old witch. And I liked Dakar. He very good! (I think, the wizzard Davien is now the Rave of … this one wizzard… i don’t now at the Moment his name )

originally posted by Auna

Funny, I heard English is very hard to learn due to rules that get broken all the time.

I didn't find German too hard to get the general meaning of when I stuck to translating error dialogs or sticking to science articles. Technology terms are pretty common across all languages. Just don't ask me to pronounce it!

originally posted by Johannes Erk

I am also a big fan of your books, Janny, and I am very disappointed that the series is not continued here in Germany.
But as I read this thread, an idea came to my mind… there is this fan project, where German fans are organized and tarnslate the Harry Potter books, startnig the very instant the books come out.
The URL to this project is (for anyone who cares).

I wonder if it would be possible to reach some German fans of the series and start a similar project like that one…

What do you all think about this idea?

Kind Regards

Johannes -

Your interest is laudable, but I'd like it better if a German publisher came forward, truthfully, and that the person who does the work of translation receives benefit for their own effort and time.

originally posted by Johannes


yes, basically I agree with you. It was just an idea and I was definitly not about starting such a project in my already short free-time.
In that project I mentioned, the final translation of the book is *not* available to the whole world, but only to the people who helped working on it (translators, editors and correctors, etc). But you are right. Better this is done in a professional way and not only the person who does the translation gets the benefit of their effort, but also the person who wrote the book in the first place =).


originally posted by Marcel

Give it news, about a German Edition ?
I hope it!

originally posted by Johannes

I suppose not… ARE there any news or should I finally start buying the rest of the books in english language? Is there anything at least at the horizon regarding releases in Germany?

Kind Regards