New Reader just arrived at Tal Quorin

originally posted by Clansman

My son, Duncan, who is 12, is just about finished CotM. He is as avid a reader as his father, and was bugging me to start this series last year after reading Master of Whitestorm and the Cycle of Fire. I told him to prepare himself for Tal Quorin. It is not the fantasy that he is used to, i.e. no Hollywood ending.

He has endless questions about what certain words mean (e.g. what's a "doxy"?), but he just loves the story. I expect that he'll read it again in a couple of years and get much more out of it.

I'll have to go buy him the whole series in e-books, as I don't dare let him near my first prints…

Wow - this, at 12??? Duncan is amazing. The previous record for youngsters (that I had heard of) was 13.

Kudos to your young man!!!

originally posted by Clansman

I have to admit that he wouldn't stop bugging me about it.

I am resisting the urge to ask him about his thoughts on the book until he's finished…

originally posted by David Cornelson

I have five teens. None so far has taken an interest in high fantasy though The Hobbit has been read in school.

The YA novels are apparently so good that my girls rarely stray from that genre.

But they know where I stand. I have two complete sets on my bookshelves (one paperback, one hardback (except for Stormed Fortress!) and I give sets as gifts to anyone that will accept them including as prizes in the annual Interactive Fiction competition.