New Front Page

originally posted by Trys

With the kind and expert capabilities of Don Maitz, there is now a new front page to the Paravia website. Have a peek at

originally posted by Mark Stephen Kominski

Very flashy, Trys. Especially like the books circling Janny's link.

originally posted by Hunter

Very nice… means you need to redo Janny's graphic when Initiate's Trial is published… :smiley:

I assume Don was keen to be known as "The Illuminator"?

originally posted by Trys

Yes, when the cover for Initiate's Trial is available the ring of books will need to tweaked.

Yes, Don came up with his changing text and Janny with hers.

originally posted by Hunter

With the re-issues of WoLaS, the consistency and commonality of the series is clearly shown. A similar showing of the original novels and covers would show a wide disparity of styles and colors. So a good move for brand recognition by the publishers.

Not 100% sold on "The Illuminator"… but if that's what Don wants to be called.