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Is there any way I can get a larger copy of the Map from the Cycle of Fire books. The paperback just don't do it justice. I'm more than willing to pay for it.


originally posted by John Hulet

That would make a great piece of art to put on a wall.

Hi Harold -

I'll have to see - the drawing is too large to scan. It would require a digital photograph, then clean that up for printing. Time's a bit at a premium, at the moment. I have no idea what to charge! You are the first request for this…

How big would you want it?

The actual map is (at least) 25" or more wide.

originally posted by Harold Wilson


It would be great if you can just copy the one you have at say Office depot and I will pay you for the copy and shipping. If you can't find time then I will live without it. You most likely have alot of thing on your plate.

P.S. I love your books. I'm re-reading the Cycle of Fire as the last time I read it was close to 20 years ago. I have been reading the Light and Dark series since 1993 when I found it at the local book store. I can't wait to get my hands on the next book.

Thank you for the response as I didn't think you would have time to visit the chat area very offen.

Harold Wilson

originally posted by Nikki Hayes

Have just bought and read Stormwarden, and am ordering Keeper of the Keys tomorrow (payday!). I have ordered book 3 from the library initially, as someone said to make sure you have the third one on hand after reading the second as apparently there is a cliffhanger (tut tut, lol!)

Although very different in tone from WoLaS, I really enjoyed the first book and am looking forward to reading the others.

Nikki Hayes - it was NOT my idea to make a trilogy of this story - the publisher insisted. I had to take a full year to revamp it into two books, and give it the best split point I could.

Nice to see you enjoying this story!

originally posted by Michael Richard Nankervis 3

Janny, I have just read all 3 COF books in less than two weeks. I couldn't put them down when I picked them up (The quote on the book proved true). I was using a School Library version and all 3 books were in it. It was nice to see something different from most Fantasy books.

I am an amateur writer of Fantasy, and when I read your books, I got inspired to write something. I just don't know what yet. When I finished Shadowfane, I started wondering about what happens to Taen and Jaric. I know they end up getting married, but I want to know more. I like it when books get me thinking like that. I'd write a Fan Fic about the subject, but being a teenager, I'm not sure of the boundaries of copyrights.

Anyway, your writing is amazing, and COF is one of my favorite trilogies.

Hi Michael Richard Nankervis 3 - thanks for your lovely note.

If you are interested in writing, best thing to do is visit the TIPS section on this website, and follow it.

Copyright does not allow me to "permit" fan fiction - even if I didn't have the idea and outline for a book to follow this series (which I do, hope one day to write it). But you know, you have a story in you that is yours only - and that is the gift you have to offer the world. Learn how to write and share that with everyone, would be my suggestion to you. As a teenager you have all the time to gain life experience and reading is the best way to acquire language skills.

Your enthusiasm is so wonderful to see! I hope you feel welcome to visit the chat here, anytime.

originally posted by Nikki Hayes

Well I finished the trilogy yesterday and I really enjoyed it, although I would agree with you Janny that two books would have been sufficient to contain the story - by modern fantasy standards these are seriously short! I love nothing better than a REALLY long fantasy tale, 10-12 thick books is great - waiting for them to be published is less great.

I plan to re-read the books in a couple of weeks - I am a very fast reader (could have read the 3 in one day if I'd tried, lol) and like to have a re-read having already finished the story to see if I can pick up clues I missed the first time as to what will eventually happen. All the books I buy (as opposed to borrow) are books I will want to read several times, I don't see the point in wasting my money otherwise.

Still, although I really enjoyed the books, WoLaS is more to my taste in both length and writing style (I got used to slightly quirky writing styles reading Steven Erikson and tend to prefer it these days).

Looking forward to the next WoLaS book - even if Amazon have been a bit previous with the listing, lol!

Hi Nikki Hayes, welcome here, too!

Cycle of Fire was written so long ago (and been out of print for awhile too) it's amazing to see people still reading it. It's not nearly so complex a story as the longer series - and was written far earlier on in my writing career. I wish it were still available, now, because it was aimed for a different slice of readership.

Nice to see you've gone on with the big series - the draft for Initiate's Trial is in its final stages.

short fantasies are really popular with publishers right now, as with the short reprint runs, shorter books do better for their books. I appreciate your continued support of the series for this reason - some stories do not fit in tight spaces! And Wars of Light and Shadows could in no way be done, short.

I was wondering if you'd found the standalone, To Ride Hell's Chasm, yet?

Thanks for checking in, both of you - there is nothing better than happy readers to brighten the start of my writing day.

originally posted by Hellcat

I think I'm converting my boyfriend to Wurtz Worship as well, He's now halfway through Keeper Of The Keys.


Wonderful news, thanks Hellcat!

originally posted by Rob Kerr

Hi Janny,

I read the Cycle of Fire at university, and I remember being delighted and astonished when you responded to an email of mine at the time, answering questions about the trilogy and the WoLaS.

At the time, I had wondered if you ever intended to return to the world of CoF, and you mentioned that, while you had tentative plans for a sequel novel to the trilogy (working title 'Starhope' IIRC), you wouldn't be writing much else while involved with the WoLaS – which I completely understand :smiley: My question now, then, is, in the course of writing WoLaS, you must have had lots of ideas for further novels, trilogies, series, that you've had to set aside. Do you know what you'll be tackling after WoLaS is finally done? Will you return to some of your previous worlds, or are you more drawn to newer ideas? Are any of the plans you have spin-offs from WoLaS?

Finally, thanks once again for your work, and your contact with your fans.

Hi Rob, how delightful to hear back from you!

Oh, yes! definitely I have plans for other projects after Wars of Light and Shadow. In fact, I made a list of them about a month back, and it numbered 14 books (oh my!)

This was done as a frustration pastiche - that the polish on Initiate's Trial is nearly done…but I want it off, now, and there's a bit to go, yet.

That I DID indulge in one little stand alone, To Ride Hell's Chasm, and it (sometimes) infuriated series readers (how dare I!) As far as Athera spin-offs, well - this depends of course on what happens when the series is all done. I do have SHORT fiction ideas in play already; some are written or in progress.

So: first the last two volumes of the series get finished; then we see where we stand, but here is the range of things I have in mind to choose from:

The List:

A second short story collection. (material mostly written)

A maritime fantasy novel, standalone (3 chapters written, very FUN, wanna do it next)

Starhope is still on there (may the audio book do well enough to spur interest in that series/full outline/first scene complete)

First Contact SF - Athera (no title, just concept, first scene and rough ideas)

A crossover book that would span 2 worlds: Earth, another, and faerie realm. (opening scene done/outlined)

A fantasy duology.
(very detailed outline)

A stand alone fantasy with a concept never seen.
(opening scenes written, crude outline)

Another stand alone fantasy novel with a concept never seen. (opening scene written, very crude outline, still under idea construction)

Another stand alone fantasy novel with a legendary sorta feel. (opening scene written/this would be short, maybe YA)

Atheran Compendium - artwork and shorts.
(Hah! Nuff said.)

Three thrillers that take place on a race track/here and now. (chapters written/research required, likely a collaboration)


Though an author ought never to say NEVER - :smiley:

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Would love an Atheran Compendium, especially with lots of artwork. :smiley:

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I definitely want to see a follow up to the Cycle of Fire stuff which were great books. That earlier thread reminds me that i have an unread copy of To Ride Hell's Chasm lying about, must dig it out!

Welcome here, Colm Furey!

Yes, grin, dig it out - !!!

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I will do, just finishing off Stormed Fortress!

Great - hope you'll feel free to wake up the discussion for Stormed Fortress when you get done.