New Audio Teaser files

The Gryphon didn't mention - but - posted available now, two segments of readings from Stormed Fortress (Chapter 6, and 6a) are up in MP3 format, and can be downloaded both from here, and from my author page at Redroom!

I DID put in the file, prior to starting, that (obviously!) there are minor spoilers present, and major spoilers Hinted At…so be aware of that if you don't have the book yet!

The files are very much for public sharing, so tell as many friends as you please. (This adds to the collection, since there are mp3 audio excerpts sampling Curse of the Mistraith, and also, three chapters of To Ride Hell's Chasm available already).

Yup, paperback release date in London is coming Very Soon!

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The readings are located through (link removed) or if you prefer podcast feeds (link removed)