New Audible program helps authors!

From now until the end of this year, Audible is paying a dollar honorarium back to the author directly, for every audio title sold through Audible or the Apple store.

I have signed up Stormwarden, Keeper of the Keys, and Shadowfane for the program.

This a wonderful incentive - and a rare move by a publisher to reward their authors, and an opportune moment to check out audio titles from ANY author you might favor.

The website here at Paravia has an excerpt link to download the complete first chapter of Audible's production of Stormwarden, superbly narrated by David Thorpe - give the free sample a spin and enjoy!

In case the link menu for the audio chapter excerpt didn't work - fixed now.

(link removed)

THANK YOU!!! to every one of you who purchased an audio copy of any book in the Cycle of Fire trilogy!! I received a nice little honorarium check from Audible (one dollar paid direct to me for each book purchased since I signed up in May.) That bonus was EXTREMELY welcome, cost of living rising at the crazy rate that it has been, lately.

The author honorarium program continues until the end of the year, and David Thorpe did a fabulous job with the narration. It would be SO COOL to have the production of these books attract some notice - and increase the chance for interest in an audio bid for the bigger series.