New Audible Books


I have just received the fully executed contract with Audible Books - Cycle of Fire - all 3 volumes - are coming in audio format!

Hoist a beer - and get ready to listen!!!

originally posted by Theresa

Holy cow, that's great news! I have much love for Audible and have been an adoring member for nine years.

Here's hoping for the rest, eventually!


originally posted by Clansman

Now, if that isn't a call for a tankard of Hobgoblin Ale (afraid of a little taste, lagerboy?!?) nothing is!

originally posted by Trys

YAY!!! Congrats Janny!

originally posted by Ika Nurain

Woohoooooo! Yay Janny! :smiley: Congrats!

originally posted by Or Raifman

any chance of seeing them back in print?

i would love to add them to my collection

Or Raifman -

Of course this could very well spring the interest to do so! (Welcome here!)

originally posted by Daniel Rolfe

I have read the Cycle of Fire about half a dozen times over the last 20 years. It really resonated with me for some reason. I don't know if it's because I first read it when I was teenager and I identified with the characters that were of similar age or if it was just the way you wove Sci-Fi and Fantasy together so deftly. I'm reading it again right now which is what compelled me to visit this site to see if there was any mention of a sequel. So I was excited to read in this forum that you have an outline for a book that continues the story. I do hope that one day soon you can publish that story. Ever since I first read the series I have wondered how things progressed, how the characters adjust to a larger universe and if Jaric is able to train others to survive the bonding with large numbers of Sathids.

Regardless of your future plans for a sequel, thanks for giving me 20 years of great reading. I've enjoyed many of your other books as well such as the Empire series and the Master of Whitestorm.

originally posted by Jeffrey L Watson

I think there was a hiccup when I move the messages to here and one or more messages got lost. My apologies to anyone whose message isn't here. Please repost.

originally posted by Trys

I bought my Audible copy of Stormwarden today. I've listened to a bit of it and the reading is just wonderful!!

The post with the links got lost: L_002696DE

There's a lovely sample teaser of David Thorpe's reading - he definitely used the pronunciation files I sent!

originally posted by Trys

I seem to remember Teresa posting something too. ARGHHH! It drives me batty when software messes up. ::sigh::

With luck, Keeper of the Keys will be available next week!

originally posted by Theresa

Janny - that's sweet news. Thorpe did a great job with Stormwarden and I'm greatly looking forward to the rest! I think I enjoyed it as much as I did partially because it had been a while since the last re-read, so things had gotten fuzzy in my poor aging memory. :wink:

Hi Theresa - thanks so much (and any others of you) for your support and the feedback - it means so much! For a brief interval Stormwarden was no. 1 on Audible's epic fantasy best seller list…now eclipsed by the usual fare, and not showing - but I was pleased so many ordered it on release.

The performance is delightful - it had been a long time for me, also…I have not listened to the whole thing, yet, because I am putting most of my energy into current manuscript.

I hope so very much that serendipity will happen, and word will spread - and we'll see offers like this for other titles.

The book is also listed in the i tunes store.

The plan is to have an excerpt teaser a bit longer than the sample clip here at Paravia as soon as one is provided.

originally posted by Salticidae


I got an email today from Ray Feist mentioning that your Cycle of Fire was released as Audio. I thought that was a particularly sweet thing and wanted to let you know that he's promoting your independent work when he can.

God bless.

That is just gorgeous to hear, Salticidae, thank you for sending the word of Ray's backing.

originally posted by Mark Timmony


I really wanted this but I just can't listen to David Thorpe :frowning_face:

I'll have to re-read instead.

Doesn't please everyone (not all can be Simon Prebble…!) thanks for checking it out.