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Hi all,

I just read an interview of Janny Wurts, where shes says she started a post on her CHAT ROOM:
Narrative stuff: Notes on how to build scenes into plot.

I thought that very inresting, but so far I have no luck finding it???

If this rings a bell with anyone, I'd really apprciate someone telling where to find it??

Thanks alot,


Thomas - welcome here. It's probably in the Author's Corner…if the scene was very old, it may have been archived…I will take a quick pass and see if I can find the thread in whatever topic.

We have a search function, ask Trystane the resident gryphon.

If for any reason this topic was so old it got cleaned, do not be shy - we'll just start a new one! Hit the button for start a new thread, and ask away…Author's Corner is probably the appropriate topic head for this. :smiley:

There is still a thread in Author's Corner called Narrative Technique - but - the "archive" appears gone from the head of it. Trys?? any clue what may have happened to that bit?

If it can't be found, we can try to reconstruct…I think the original post was taken from something I posted in another news group's topic…let me see if I can find if that's so, and port it back, if Jeff can't locate it.

Or better perhaps - ask what you want to know and we'll start fresh.

originally posted by Trys

I can probably locate in my archives but think it could be more valuable to start a new discussion. :smiley:


Trys - a new discussion would be nice. But the post in question was pretty extensive, and in nice composed order. I believe it was originally put up on Julie Czerneda's group - and I reposted it here due to the cohesiveness of the information.

Maybe one of Julie's fans knows if her site has a search function at If so, we could find the original and kick off more discussion from that point again.

The thread in Author's Corner does still exist. :smiley:

If the post is not retrievable, I will do my best - but in retrospect, I know I put more into it than I'd remember off the cuff. (note to self: that one should have gone on the tips page, and in fact, perhaps it did…that may be why it's gone. Some little niggle in memory says Ping! to this idea. Nice and convenient if I'm right…)

OK - we aim to please, Thomas/Firestick, Trys has reposted the message you wanted back in the Narrative Techniques thread - you will find it in the Author's Corner topic.

Thanks Trys! (much applause and throw mutton for the gryphon's satisfaction)

originally posted by Trys

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