Name for a WoLaS group in SL

originally posted by PurplePenny

I really didn't know where to put this but since I'll be very interested in Janny's reply I've put it here…

I'm often to be found in Second Life (SL) but for the last few days my friends there have been wondering where I've been… the answer is, of course, that I've been engrossed in a certain book!

I wondered whether there was a Janny and/or WoLaS group in SL but can't find one no matter what I search on. So…

I'm going to start a group… but I'm not sure what to call it! It should be something that fans will understand and might be expected to search for but I'd like it to be catchy as well. I can't change the name once the group is formed so I have to get it right first time.



P.S. Amongst the things I tried were wolas and koriani and both of them turn up as people's names.

Hi PurplePenny - I truly appreciate your enthusiasm and support - this is exactly the sort of activity that can interest new readers, or pick up ones who may have fallen by the wayside.

By way of a name - what about Althain Tower? This would instantly be recognizable to old hands, and perhaps, intrigue a new reader??? And of course, it's fun symbolically, as all of the records of Athera are stored there, past and present.

originally posted by PurplePenny

Hi Janny - I'm telling anyone who will listen … and a few who won't :wink:

Woohoo! Thanks, that's a brilliant idea for a name! I shall go and start the group right away.

PurplePenny - thanks!

For the ones who won't listen - (grin) they may just have to hear it from several directions, herd followers that they may be… who needs to please everybody? I suppose, in a way, I do tend to lean a bit toward favoring independent thinkers.

What is Second Life?

Nice to know you are creating a home there.

Elsewhere on the web - the horrid thing I've encountered in a few explorations into identifying fantasy forums for books - the number of readers who think the series just stopped after Peril's Gate!!! - because in the US, as far as the mainstream bookshop shelf, it seemed to drop off the radar, after the merger with Eos, and the publisher's choice not to renew my contract for Traitor's Knot/Stormed Fortress…if you run a quick search the book titles (individually) on Google, or enter the phrase, Wars of Light and Shadow, you can stumble into prior forum discussions where the titles get mention - where some readers who really loved the series don't know the other volumes got written and went to press, at least after Peril's Gate. These sorts may be rediscovered, as word of the subsequent volumes travels about.

Many forums don't show mention of the series at all, as distribution didn't move the recent books (To Ride Hell's Chasm, Traitor's Knot) widely enough.

I really hope and dream that Stormed Fortress's finish of Arc III can do the job - get enough people excited, that the awareness of the series spreads by ripples.

I KNOW what surprises are in store - yet to come in arc IV and V. Arc III is sort of the tipping point… trust me, the story intensifies.

Everybody who's reviewed the new title at Amazon UK, or listed your purchase on LibraryThing, or elsewhere - I truly appreciate your making the effort!