My turn, My turn!

originally posted by Brian K. Mulvey


Just finished Peril's Gate. My favorite parts were the swordfight at the beginning of the novel and the dialogue accompanying it (masterfully done, I love swordfights), the centaur strolling into Lysaer's camp, Braggen's stand, and the maze.

I like the way we get somewhat of a recap of events as a result of the maze's first test. I enjoyed the second part of the maze since it's an Indiana Jones/Lara Croft-type puzzle solving thing (albeit far more mental; those I just mentioned have more mechanical-type puzzles to solve). Imagine how vexed Davien would've been had Arithon simply ignored the three open doors and the barred one, right off the bat without pausing, and simply walked through the illusory wall without even considering the other options! Ha! The meeting of Arithon and Davien is great, I love meetings and dialogue of that sort.

"I'd hazard the incursion of wraiths out of Marak will pose us less grief that that pair, bound into alliance. . . ."

Indeed. Bring THAT alliance ON! Yyyess!

Arithon gets his mage talent back. Nice. I can't WAIT to see what he does with that.

Seems like things have been set up in this novel that could provide the rollercoaster ride I've been hoping for.


originally posted by Beth

Actually, I'm waiting to see what Morriel is going to do once Arithon starts playing with magic again.

Lysear is only dangerous because of the shear number of people he can draw upon and his own power. There is no real cunning to him. Now his little cabel might be changing that…but flat out Lysear is only dangerous because of the curse.

In terms of a a real advisary, I think Morriel is the more dangerous player. I mean look how long the fellowship has put up with her. Although they are good at tweaking her tail…she has been more ruthless lately with Arithon about.


originally posted by Blue

I am still wondering, speaking of Arithon and power, [and perhaps this is another sly little smile and "Wait and see" type response from Janny] why Arithon has never tried to undermine Lysaer's credibility using his Bardic abilities.

Jaelot is still suffering from the sting of Halliron's ire. What would such a thing do to Lysaer?

originally posted by Auna

I don't think Arithon could bring himself to say bad things about Lysaer given his compassion.

originally posted by Neil

There was the scene in FP where Arithon played a song about Vastmark and the crowd rioted…

originally posted by Blue

I don't know if compassion would necessarily keep him from bad mouthing Lysaer, if it came to that.

HOWEVER, a Masterbard is inclined toward truth, and a Bard's Curse is meant as a lesson in humility. I think ol' blondie could use a healthy dose of it. Added, who is to say [aside from Janny, that is] that perhaps he needs to bad mouth Lysaer, just point out that he is not altogether fit for ruling responsibility. Kind of like a warning label on a pack of cigarettes: If you smoke this, you will get sick.

In the other instances of the uses of Bard's Curses we know of [Halliron's at Jaelot, and Felirin's attempt when Vorrice and company were attempting to burn him] they did use the truth. Halliron's satire was gleaned from rumor, but he went for the truth within the tales, which is why they stung so badly. Felirin, likely, was going to "curse" Vorrice with the truth of his narrow minded paranoia.

originally posted by Katie

I'm a bit fuzzy on how Arithon got his mage talent back. Was it a result of completing the maze, or was it Davien that helped him get it back? If Davien helped, it could possibly screw things up again, even though he'd be helping a sanctioned heir. Arg, I need to re-read Peril's Gate.

originally posted by George

My understanding was that Arithon got mage blinded because he had used illicit magic in order to unmake a part of creation. This had an effect of causing him to shut down his talent sub-consciously (?) and could not get it back until he was fully healed and 'forgave' himself for the unmaking. I believe that this is what occurred in Davien's maze. In essence Arithon granted himself forgiveness and made himself whole again.


originally posted by Katie

Thanks, George. I knew about how he lost it, but just didn't quite get how he got it back. Perhaps I should read slower next time. Ah well, that's what re-reads are for :stuck_out_tongue: