My Daughter

originally posted by Erin Croft

My name is Erin Croft, and the first book I ever read of yours was The Master Of Whitestorm when I was 10 years old. I have read it so many times that I practically have it memorized. I devour your books , Ms. Wurtz, every chance I get to pick up a new one, as you are an inspiration to me!

A friend of mine in Colorado met you at a convention, and shared something with you. His name is Alexander, and he told you about my daughter. Her name is Ithariel Bailey, and other than the hair and eyes, she is the embodiment of your courageous and beautiful sorceress. I would love to e-mail a picture of my young lass to you so you know what Ithariel's namesake looks like. At 13 years old, she has the will of Korendir's beloved wife, and the strength to wield magick all her own. She is also an aspiring artist, mostly anime, but she is very good. I would love for you to have a picture, but even more, I would ask if you could send a letter to her telling her the depth of the meaning of her name as what it means to you.
Erin Croft

Hi Erin - you can send a pix to my e mail, which is listed on the front page of my site, I'd be delighted.

originally posted by Erin Croft

Is it the one that you sent the email regarding the painting commission from?

No. That one answers questions regarding prints and paintings.