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originally posted by Laurence J Johnson

Hello everyone, check out the link below, there's a wide variety of music available free of charge.

Navigating the website may take a while, cheers from Laurence.

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I prefer going to simply because it is incredibly easy to navigate, is free to use, and it's a good way for me to decide if I like a particular artist enough to go buy a CD (or 3) from them. I find it very useful to be able to listen to a few songs from any given artist before buying the disk: it keeps me from ending up with a disk of 17 songs I dislike, and one that I love.

That said, I was listening to The Islander, by Nightwish, the other day, and that song really sounds like it could almost be Arithon's theme. It fits well a lot of what I've seen in the books, and I can't listen to the song without being reminded of both the series and Arithon himself now. Does anyone else think so?

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Sarah, I'll have to check out I usually go to (the link that was here is now dead) to listen to something I'm considering buying since they let you listen to all of the songs on the CD, and not just the first 30 seconds like some places, which sometimes is a poor sample of the rest of the song.

That being said, I love The Islander! Not terribly typical of the rest of the Nightwish catalog (same with Last of the Wilds, with that Celtic-inspired sound), but nice complements to their heavier music.

I never really thought about Arithon while listening to the song, but it kind of gave me chills just now, doing so :smiley:
Not really for the lyrics, but the music has the right feel.

It's song #10 (link removed) if anybody unfamiliar with Nightwish wants to check it out on Lala and see what they think.


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originally posted by Hunter

Hi Anna,

Nightwish are one of my favourite bands!! I really like the Dark Passion Play CD… (Islander video at Marce Hietala has a very good voice! The soundtrack song "While your lips are still red" ( is also a great example. I could imagine Arithon singing this!

My view of Arithon is perhaps a little more like Blind Guardian's "Bard's song". See/hear it here - "The Eldar" ( from "Nightfall on Middle Earth" CD is also very good.

originally posted by Konran

Another Nightwish fan here, along with Blind Guardian =) My online music player of choice is… it learns your tastes and suggests new music, and you can have a whole bunch of different stations for different genres or moods.

originally posted by Hunter

Egad… Blind Guardian's new single in June will also include a cover version of John Farnham's "You're the Voice"… eek…

Still, not every cover of an Australian song has been bad. Sarah Jezebel Deva covered Kylie Minogue's "Confide in me" pretty well… check it out on Sarah's Myspace - Amazing what this song sounds like when you hear it by someone who can sing. I really like all of her other stuff and would strong recommend it. If you're in London, she's got some gigs coming up soon. Amazingly I believe this song also inspired Mark Snow's haunting theme music for Chris Carter's excellent Millennium tv series (well, seasons 1 and 3 when dealling with horrid people and not season 2's religious mumbo-jumbo focus when Carter wasn't directing).