Musical Accompaniment

This was a frequent topic in the old forum and I’d like to revive it, as Janny’s offerings on what music was playing while writing a given scene(or during a book overall) were always fascinating. So, @jannywurts! What were some of the choice pieces you were listening to during Destiny’s Conflict, or, if you can offer tracks, what are some of Song of the Mysteries’ musical accompanying pieces that you had playing while writing!

The series began with Larry Fast/Synergy - and those compositions played large with the finale for a reason…it sparked the original wonder and kept everything alive and fresh as it was when it was brand new.

The finale sequences (the really tense parts!) - Soundtrack - Dune Sketchbook played huge.

Michael Garrison as I cleared up the last edits/it felt that triumphant.

A bit of Enya.


Some Diane Arkenstone.

Chronos by Michael Sterns

Mike Oldfield, definitely

And a ton of film sound tracks: Backdraft, Kon Tiki, Robinhood, Vangelis’ Chariots of Fire, Alexander, lots of Hanz Zimmer. And a lot more I’ve omitted due to time lapse.


makes notes for names to look up Oh, I don’t recall the answer to this one, though I think it was asked ages ago. If you recall, what were the pieces that might be most prominently listened to during the sequence inside Kewar? (Thanks for answering so promptly and no rush on replies as I know you’re busy getting everything in place for Song. :slight_smile: )

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