Mistwraith origins

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Hello Janny and everyone. I've been a constant reader of both the chat site and the wonderful books for years. I can't thank you enough for these books, Janny. They are fabulous and I re-read them often, can't wait for Initiate's Trial.
I had a theory about the Mistwraith and wondered if anyone thought it likely - did some of the Koriani go through the World's End Gate at the time of the making of the Compact? If they did, would Morriel/Selidie have a record of their names? If they had gone, they would probably have been involved with the developement of the Mistwraith…

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It's been hinted at in the past that the similarities between a necromancer's binding and a Koriani binding are more important than we've seen so far, so I could see the Koriathain being involved in "Mists Gone Wrong". However, I'm guessing that the Prime at that time would have used all of those initiate oaths to keep her sorceresses close by – especially since parts of Koriani power depend on magnification through manpower!

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I'm reading this with great interest. I've speculated all along that the wraiths are remnants of beings that are angry/enraged from having been killed/wronged/destroyed by something… I thought at first perhaps by a cataclysmic explosion caused by the sorcerers. Clearly Sethvir has enormous guilt about something that happened eons ago.

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I've tried not to spoil…but just in case…

In Curse of the mistwraith the fellowship come to understand what the mistwraith is (see Etarra scenes)

More about the origin of the mistwraith is understood by the Fellowship in Warhost of Vastmark when Sethvir is attacked by free wraiths at Althain Tower.

So without spoiling, it is in the books :slight_smile:

Koriani probably never went through south gate. Athera's lanes are more powerful and their influence and power is more effective on Athera albeit monitored careful by the Fellowship. Koriani do not rely on "technology" which was the free will choice of humans who therefore went through South gate to pursue their goals which were not permitted by the compact.

Necromancy: Arithon explains to Sulfin in Stormed Fortress re: corrupted Biedar practice. The koriani initiate oath has been a lot less foregiving since it seems!

Sethvir's past actions were described briefly in Fugitive Prince (Moriel thinking about Calum Kincaid). I do not think the Fellowship feel guilt today. Or not Davien anyway…he seems to think guilt is a waste of time (during conversation with Arithon :wink:

originally posted by Beth Coverley

The thing about the Koriani is that one of their main purposes is to reinstate the advanced civilization and technology that was around before Calum Kincaid's Great Weapon caused its destruction. The records of this are in the Waystone and the Prime believes it is extremely important. I don't think she would have sent many sorceresses off World, but I think it likely that she might have sent some, to give the spread of technology an extra chance, perhaps with instructions to develop some technology.