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When Kharadmon was on Marak, the wraiths *recognised* him as "from Athera" and, in addition, "a member of the fellowship of seven"!

Was / is the mistwraith also capable of such a conclusion?

Would/could all humans on Athera recognise a F7 member (assuming that the F7 person in question is just "hanging around", not doing anything extraordinary in particular?

For example, if Fionn/Fiark/Feylind had bumped into Traithe somewhere during their childhood, would they have know who they were seeing?

originally posted by Neil

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Also from "Vastmark"…

If the Mistwraith entities at Rockfell could be redeemed the curse on the 2 brothers would *END*.

(I asked about this once…it wasn't clear to me but in the text it appears, on first glance anyway, to be "clear cut")

My thoughts on this one:

When Traithe split the Mistwraith into two portions by shutting South Gate, some of its combined consciousness remained on either side of the Gate.

The part left on Marak knew about Traithe as an enemy. We know from Kharadmon that there are library archives on Marak - it would be a major error in logic to assume that these archives didn't mention the F7 at all (especially as they banished humans to Marak). And, as I've said to Hunter off the board, we can't assume that no one absorbed by the Mistwraith couldn't identify a member of the F7 firsthand (some of the banished entities could live for centuries with warped lifespans, like the Koriani).

The part left on Athera eventually absorbed Arithon's knowledge from Rauven and cursed the half-brothers to enmity. Should this part of the mistwraith be redeemed, Traithe would get his functionality back and Arithon and Lysaer freed from the curse. Unless the portion on Marak, or free wraiths newly arriving, could reaccess Arithon's knowledge (or its equivalent), they would not be able to "re-curse" the half-brothers.

As far as Kharadmon being recognized: he was on Marak a number of years before he was noticed (and only then because he was forced to wield power and unbind Asandir and Sethvir's seeking spell). And the wraiths could probably distinguish a foreign entity from one of their own. Being ravenously hungry after devouring everything else, they set out to catch and absorb Kharadmon.

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Would/could all humans on Athera recognise a F7 member (assuming that the F7 person in question is just "hanging around", not doing anything extraordinary in particular?

That guy treating Lysaer's soldiers after they fell under the tree-dreaming coma thing didn't recognize Sethvir at all… though I don't remember if he was concealing his identity at all at that point, and I'm not at home and don't have access to my books so I can't look it up… but nobody figured out who he was until he confiscated the necromancer's stick… also, in Curse when Asandir and the brothers and Dakar were wandering around and he bought them the horses the horse-seller didn't seem to recognize him particularly, as far as I can remember… it's been a while since I read that one.

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I doubt most townfolk would personally recognize any of the Sorcerors if they weren't advertizing who they were. This is because for most townspeople, the Sorcerors are the stuff of legends and over the course of 500 or more years have lost any idea of who these people might have been. There have been many references where the appearance of the Sorcerors has been the return of someone from legend. If Genghis Khan, Marco Polo or Tutenkhamen stood next to you in generally contempory clothing and appearance, would you recognize them?

The clans of course would immediately recognize the Sorcerors for a variety of fairly obvious reasons.

When Sethvir confiscated the Necromancer's stick, it was the Alliance people who recognized Sethvir, not those looking after the sick people.

With regards to the Mist-wraith, because it is made of a myriad of mad entities, one can only surmise that some sort of knowledge sharing has occurred. It only took one wraith who recognized the Fellowship for the entire entity to do so.

Is the Mistwraith many thousands of insane souls all bound by a common insanity - similar to a cloud of iyats. Or is there a master wraith - perhaps the first wraith? - to whom all other wraiths are subservient?

The Mistwraith was created as a weapon by frightened men and was the fusion of man and machine. The vision I have is from the film Robocop where something similar was done - all such creations went mad except for the final success(?). Or the horrific scenes in Alien Resurrection when the final Ripley finds the lab of the past experiments to grow the new half human, half alien Ripley. Poor analogies of what may have happened on Marak but the closest I've seen in film of what might have been the case.

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I think I always imagined a kind of Ghost In the Shell-type situation, with someone's consciousness being bound into some kind of mechanical form before some disaster happened and the whole system got out of control. Of course, only the author knows for sure. :smiley:

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I was just reading this book and I wondered, given the importance placed on Arithon as Masterbard (as evidenced by his being forced to swear a bloodoath to survive) and his capabilities once he has a persons Name…

Is it not possible that he could use those same abilities to free Lysaer? I mean, if he could sing a path through his brothers soul – and assuming the curse needs both to be active – wouldn't that end it?

If his power can work against the entities within the Wraith to begin with, surely it can work against it's curse? For that matter, just out of curiousity, what is the range of the Mists power? I mean, for decades it did nothing but cover the world from the sun and yeah, I guess, had corrosive effects on nature that saw to the Paravians but there was no hint of it being able to deal damage to anyone (presumably since the greater half of it was cut off) which is why I guess, the curse came as a bit of a surprise…

Surprised nobody's taken a crack at this…hey, you old hands – wake up! :smiley:

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*The brothers opposed the Mistwraith directly thereby focusing its attention on them.

*It seems to have been the brothers' respective Hope gifts of Light and Shadow that were somehow effective to contain the Mistwraith. Arithon was not yet trained as Masterbard so his musical gift would not yet have been effective.

Regarding the potential use of Name to free Lysaer, is not Lysaer's free will needed? For that he would have to trust Arithon. The curse has twisted his perspective to make that basically impossible…


…though it seems that Alithiel's song pacified the curse long enough for Lysaer to exercise free will and distance himself from Arithon. Had Arithon been present with him and not otherwise engaged, perhaps he could have attempted to free Lysaer. On the other hand, maybe Paravian intervention would be required as it was for Arithon.

Hope I'm not too far off…

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The word 'Hope' in the second paragraph of the previous post is a typo I missed.

Check the Author's Notes about the Fellowship of Seven on the Official Webpage for accuracy regarding the Mistwraith's "being able to deal damage".