Misc. Stormed Fortress questions

A few questions I had after working through Stormed Fortress for the umpteenth time.

1) What determines whether a particular free wilds has a King's Glade versus a Queen's Grove?

2) Is the island of Myrkavia part of West Shand, Havish, or Melhalla?

3) [SPOILERS - PERIL'S GATE] Jieret and his war band are in Strakewood at the beginning of Fugitive Prince (Summer, Third Age 5648). A later scrying by Lirenda in Grand Conspiracy (Winter, Third Age 5653) shows the band moved to Halwythwood. I originally presumed that this was a simple seasonal migration. However, after the time jump (Third Age 5670), the Companion, Deith, is the last clansman choosing to remain in Strakewood and all remaining scenes with the war band are in Halwythwood. Why did the clansmen ultimately abandon Strakewood altogether?

4) [SPOILERS - STORMED FORTRESS] In Stormed Fortress, a member of Ath's Adepts refers to the "three thresholds" for entering their hostel. I presume the first two are the physical crossing and the Sacred Grove. Has the 3rd been revealed yet? (I reread Destiny's Conflict and it still seems unresolved).

5) [SPOILERS - STORMED FORTRESS] At the end of Stormed Fortress, Davien and Seshkrozchiel have a plan to "mend the two grimwards that still need attention". What is the result after this action? Are the grimwards completely unmade like the one first tackled in Scarpdale, or did they just stabilize the barrier wards?

Asking Janny directly – but if any answers require authorial duct tape, maybe these will elicit some discussion!

Hey Brian, You Asked/and I don't think spec reading would answer these (except for the three thresholds, which are demonstrated in several scenes/but probably not flagged as the characters' experience would not have fully comprehended them UNLESS they were initiate trained:

King's Grove vs Queen's Grove commemorates the gender of the individual ancestor, first confirmed by the Fellowship as founder of their royal lineage.

Myrkavia has no inhabited town/no human population - therefore, neither Kingdom/Charter Law would not apply - so that island is not under human jurisdiction. It would be designate Free Wilds, under Paravian law/with the Fellowship left in charge in their absence. There's not been a dispute about this in Third Age annals since that shoreline has no inviting, deep water harbor with access to anchorage suitable for a commercial port: the tidal bore in the straits between that island and the mainland make an insanely powerful rip current. Free wilds means no agriculture/no free range grazing - and no permission to settle. Onshore: humans would find life difficult for additional reasons not applicable to the series so far. If you follow the author question and answer thread at GoodReads in the Buddy read that's just finishing now (Dec 2017) I believe someone asked after the history of Shand/West Shand - and I detailed some stuff there.

The clansmen did not abandon Strakewood. Under pressure from the headhunters' leagues, they opted to move the central encampment and the site of the Caithdein's lodge tent, as much in response to the shift in power that gained momentum as the Alliance of Light deepened its influence and Lysaer inherited the Mayor's seat. The proximity of the trade road to Halwythwod's western bounds had to be guarded. More, Halwythwood is more centrally located/better able to co-ordinate defense of the Free Wilds, and of course, had better communication, seasonally, since N. Rathain is less accessible in winter. There was always a presence left in Strakewood; just the central 'command' and most of the women and children went to Halwythwood. Deith chose to stay/all of the living at this time had very deep psychological scars from what occurred at Tal Quorin…many wished to start afresh; some wished to hold that country the more fiercely.

Ath's Adepts - three thresholds - if you read The Gallant, (still available in Secrets & Spells: 6 Fantasy Novels, for .99c) you will see these three thresholds very clearly; also, re-check Elaira's entry to White Haven hostel, she crosses the first; during her time with the Adepts, she crosses the second.

First threshold: the outer marker stones, set outdoors, in front of the entry.

Second threshold: lies inside the hostel, the gateway to the inner sanctuary that strips sensory perception and shifts consciousness to the analogue symbols conceived by the psyche.

Third: the etheric gateway accessed through the pool or spring within, which expands consciousness beyond incarnate bounds.

I didn't 'define' how the grimwards were mended in the manuscript; by extrapolation, I'd presume the boundaries were mended, no more than that…since there were no anomalous shades inside to redeem/no threat to a Sorcerer being trapped - grimwards ARE dangerous, even for dragons - the unrequited wrath of the spirit inside isn't something to be tangled with lightly - the authorial duct tape, regarding the nature of dragons - how they contend with differences - you'll be reading much more on that, coming.

Thanks Janny!

Regarding King's Glades and Queen's Groves, there may be a flip-flop in the text of Stormed Fortress. Arithon visits the King's Glade in Selkwood, Shand, which would trace back to Queen Cindra s'Ahelas. Traithe warns a clan heir against visiting the Queen's Grove in Atwood, Melhalla, which would trace back to King Rondeil s'Ellestrion.

I misinterpreted the three thresholds – I assumed it referred to the different ways one could enter, rather than the three sequential thresholds one must pass over with informed consent. Makes more sense!

I'll update the Wiki accordingly with this new info.

Brian: crap…what a way to mess up. :smiley: Fortunately, there were very very few of these…though, grin, sometimes there could be a 'story' spun out of the anomaly…intriguing thought…hmmmmm…

Clearly, the male/female balance demonstrated by Ath's Adepts is at play, such that when a High King went to ask for assistance, he would go to the Queen's Grove, and vice versa. :smiley:

Ha!!! - Brian - perfect! Fits, too - I'll take it. Your very own, personal addition to the Atheran Canon - thank you for making my botch look so good…credit where credit is due, you may list your name on it in the Wiki. :smiley: