Metal question

originally posted by sara

I have a quirky question. :smiley: I'm wondering where most metal comes from on Athera? I'm thinking the Fellowship wouldn't be too pleased with mining, as that is somewhat disruptive to the mountains, so are we talking about bog iron here? Iron sand? Metal does not seem as valuable or rare as I would expect if it were limited to some regions, or is that just my impression?

As I said, quirky question, but world building always fascinates me, and Athera is such a well thought out place. :smiley:


There is mining permitted in certain PLACES - and mentoned, several times, in course of the story…Highscarp, and in Sethvir's earthlinked reviews, in Asandir's fleeting glimpse, as he leaves his body in TK…there are plenty of resources, with "add in" available for the future, via the gates…Mearth mined crystal and gems, which ARE very carefully handled on Athera.

Paravians were known to work both metal and stone.

The crystal Elaira picked up in the hedge healer's stall was not a proscribed stone.