Meisha Merlin's Traitor's Knot, wall map, and bookplate information

originally posted by Stephe

Hello All!

WorldCon was great. Thanks to those of you who stopped by the booth. Janny and I were able to find some time to talk and she turned in the final art for TRAITOR’S KNOT.


As we did in TO RIDE HELL’S CHASM, we will include the art Janny did for the cover of the British edition as a full color tip in.

As mentioned before the full maps have been moved back to the front and back end papers.

For reference while reading the book the beginning of each chapter has either a blown up section of the map that pertains to the chapter or a black and white illustration, depicting a significant site in the chapter.

As to that map’ Janny has had the full size map’33 1/3 by 25 inches’on her wall shot and digitized, and has sent it to us here at Meisha Merlin. Give us some time to get our act back together after returning from WorldCon and we will be getting quotes on having it printed in full size. Any particular suggestions on type, style, or color of paper or vellum you would like to have used?

The special edition autographed bookplate is also a go! Janny has sent me the art for the bookplate. Later this month I will have a copy of the bookplate on our site for you to see.

How do you get one of these fantastic bookplates you ask?

If you order TRAITOR’S KNOT from the Meisha Merlin site you will automatically get one. For those of you not ordering your copy from us, all you have to do is make a copy of your sales receipt for TRAITOR’S KNOT and mail it to us along with a SASE, (self addressed stamped envelope.) We will then send you an autographed bookplate. Please make sure the receipt has the name of the store, city, state or city, country where you got your book. We will use this information in future marketing and promotional plans for Janny, including possible future autographing tours.

Publication date is still set for early November.


originally posted by Trys


A question of clarification: the receipt for purchase of TK… that would be a Meisha Merlin edition of TK, yes?

As to the map, I think a paper with a parchment look would be quite nice… give the map an older look to it.

Regarding Meisha Merlin bookplates… I bought their edition of a Sime/Gen book and the bookplate was quite spectacular. I can only imaging TK's will be breathtaking.


originally posted by Sandtiger


Everything sounds wonderful - looks like a lot of good things in store come November!

As for the map, the image in my head is something antique looking - parchment style, as Trys suggests would be nice.


originally posted by Blue

Stephe, I am probably looking in the wrong spot, but I could not find a mailing address for Meisha Merlin on your site. I'd love to get an autographed bookplate for TK, that much is certain!

originally posted by Dorothy

I know it's cheeky to ask this but please say that I can buy a bookplate for my British version of Traitor's Knot.I've asked my family to buy me the reissues of the earlier books in the series for Christmas and I want my copy of TK to match them.I've picked out a wall for the map to go on and I'm planning a bookshelf underneath it for the whole collection to sit on with the bookplate in a frame of its own.
Parchment finish would look good, as Trys suggested.Thanks

originally posted by Arend

Hi Stephe,

it was fun chatting with you at WorldCon, though we ended up talking more about GRRM than Janny.

The actual look of the paper doesn't matter as much to me as the quality of the paper. Preferably heavier, acid-free paper that doesn't discolor when exposed to light. Parchment color would be nice, as long as it isn't too dark. Thanks for asking! I cant wait to see the finished product!

originally posted by Auna

Old parchment looking paper, but definitely needs to be sturdy to survive handling. I might get two, one to hang, one to use.

originally posted by Cheryl

Yes I agree with the old style parchment but sturdy modern material. Sounds great and I'll keep my receipt or order from you guys.

originally posted by Michael

Man what wishful thinking, but imagine a cloth tapestry map? Wall-sized and solid? I'd get one of those in a heartbeat.

Still, I'll gladly pick up one of the maps, no matter what style, as long as it looks good.