Megacon '14

The Maitz/Wurts exhibit will be in Artist's Alley, red section, corner booth next to the audio book displays.

originally posted by Annette

Good luck and hope you both have a fun and profitable time away from home.

originally posted by Ypso

There is a picture of the event on Janny's facebook wall and we get a glimpse of the paintings she and Don took with them.

Unless I am mistaken there are also two or four small pictures of horses, right below 'Wizard of the Owls' that at least I have not seen before. A yellow one with dark legs on the left and a brown and white one on the right. It would be really great to see a larger picture of them.

Ypso, those little paintings are watercolors - for sale.

We are thinking of adding a 'for sale, originals' page to the Paravia store.

The problem with posting such things everywhere on the internet - is they get swiped and used without credit or compensation - everywhere. So I have to think on a way to do this.

Anyone interested in for purchase or commission can of course write us through the webstore.

originally posted by Ypso

While I have no doubt that coloured originals are beyond my means right now, I would nonetheless welcome it if you decided to add this new section to the Paravia store. For one thing, more potential buyers could be reached and not only those who are able to attend certain conventions.
In addition, one would get an idea what the price range for originals is without having to ask clumsily. At least this is how I feel about it; for a number of reasons I don't really like to inquire about a price (especially when it is about art) when I am already pretty sure that I won't be able to afford it at the moment.

Re. putting paintings on the internet: I see your point. As I hear of such misuse occasionally, it is completely understandable that you want to protect your work. Some artists use electronic watermarks, though I do not know how effective those are.