Master of Whitestorm

originally posted by Hellcat

I just bought this book, I'm reading chapter 2. Already I can see echos of Arithon in Korendir while Haldeth seesm to be a Dakar like comentator (without the booze and women).

I notice again how nothing so far has been written from Korendir's POV keeping him and his motives a mystery.


originally posted by Greebo

Seems to me Janny's been playing with certain themes/characters and refining them through several books - Arithon and co in WOLAS are probably the most "realised" versions of these.

Master of Whitestorm was the first Janny book I bought and remains a fave of mine - a definite keeper. And I don't mind a sad ending when its well done. Kinda like going to a weepie at the movies, as long as you remembered to bring the tissues that is. :wink:

originally posted by Nian

I absolutely adore this book.

It was my firts Janny book & I found it immediately marvelous. It has a great tragic story, sort of like if Shakespear attempted a gothic story. Korendir is a strong & noble character who stands out firmly as the leader.

Although he has a cold disposition,we still feel sympathetic towards him because of the way Janny slowly lets us slip into his murky personality.

He is a man with a vision. And may the Gods help who ever stands in his way!

wonderful story telling Janny. thank you for creating a beautiful stand alone fantasy in an overcrowded world of serial books that go on for eternity.

I still believe it would make a cool movie!

originally posted by Auna

What is with all the series books lately? Sheesh, very hard to find a good standalone :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree, this is a very good story.

It's tough to do standalone works. I did take time out to write To Ride Hell's Chasm, and frankly – I got a lot of hammering from fans who refused to try it because it "wasn't" the next in the series…

Some were self-righteously incensed. One read the "last page" and "presumed" it had the same ending as Master of Whitestorm (it doesn't) and immedialely (before finishing!!) sold the book on the used market…

Hard to get publishers interested in taking "one offs" when they can't count on the support.

Let me add: this story is still "active" - in the USA it is still only available in Hardbound, with the trade release not until August.

I recently read a nice author who has several series and a standalone - the one off isn't shelved at bookstores, where the series IS.

Hard for people to FIND one offs if they are not easy to get.

This very likely shows the pattern READERS want - as bookshelves will display what IS SELLING.

It's not a conspiracy. How many "oneoffs" do you order, from "series" authors?

It's the path of least resistance.

Yet I enjoyed every moment of writing the THREE standalones I have done. More would be great. And not stop my enthusiasm for the series, either.

Just spouting commentary…grin

originally posted by Auna

I didn't mean my little whine to be in any way shape or form a slam on you Janny! I just have too many partial series in progress and tried finding standalones recently and wasn't having much luck.

originally posted by Blue

I wonder if the push for series is not only from the publishers, but also from fans due to Hollywood's bad case of "sequelitis."

I'll support a series, but only if the author can keep up the quality, or do it in such a way that s/he is not just making a quick buck recycling the same thing over and over. Some authors, in need of cash, are forced to do just that. I won't name names, because I don't want to put down other, worthy authors who are forced into this corner. Someone who parades an unending series that goes nowhere, without any rhyme, reason or logic does so without any monetary input from me.

Thankfully, Janny, the only thing you have to worry about with me is my getting the money together to buy the books. That cute little green eyed devil on the cover of WoLaS has me hooked. When you start recycling the same old plots, or Arithon becomes predictable [HA!] I'll seek elsewhere.

originally posted by Mark Timmony

Janny I'll take whatever you care to produce!

Even though TRHC wasn't part of WOLAS it didn't stop me desiring it or buying it.

It, and any standalone by any series author is stocked by Galaxy and holds pride of place by it's siblings.

originally posted by ishmael smith

To be fairly honest, i dislike series. My preferences have always leaned to a finish at the end of a particular book. The only three series that i have ever read completely are David Eddings "Sapphire Rose" arc (i think that is it…the one with Sparhawk) and now Janny's, closely followed by Melanie Rawn's 'Sun Runner' Series (always loved Rohan, from the opening of the series…actually he is the only reason i read!)

I will say that i think Janny's series, apart from the excellent read, survived by critique because i started during the "Fugitive Prince Arc" and was able to find all the back issues so there was no discontinuity is reading cycles…in the Bahamas there was no gaurantee that the followup issuses would be shelved, or that followup issues would even appear…a writer may not ever produce a second…or something else would happen that would prevent access to the sequel…I find the feelings that arise in myself following this distasteful…

i think therefore, now that i have discovered the omni-bus, that i may read some more "series".

I LOVED To Ride Hells Chasm (TRHC) as Janny already knows [AGAIN…THANK YOU JANNY!!!) and found Master of Whitestorm, marginal…something about the character seemed undeveloped to me, to loose, to lacking in a "je ne sai quoi" [it's been awhile so my french is RUSTED not rusty…hehe)

originally posted by ishmael smith

And another variable that has altered my perception is that after encountering Janny, I have come to realize that it may take more than one volume for the story that i writer has inside to be told!

I had always been under the impression that writers wrote sequels to make more money, that they told a story, found out that it was popular and decided to case in on it…

In Janny's case i have found, at least in this instance, that the story exists and existed before the first writing, so the transcribing of that story, the translation from oral to written, will take many pages, many volumes, but the story already exists!

originally posted by Auna

I love a good series if each book adds value to the telling. I hate starting a series that isn't finished. I hate reading a book that I think is a standalone only to discover it's a series. And I really hate reading a series that should have ended many books ago and just keeps going regardless of plot stagnation - almost like the author promised x number of books and now has to fill in the pages with stuff. Too many series I've read that are longer than three books wind up feeling this way. Kudos to Janny for keeping hers moving along.

I buy anything from authors I love, series or standalone. I prefer standalones when I can get them just so I don't have to do the collect over the years thing. Authors need to write faster :wink:

originally posted by Geoff Elliott


If I may be so bold as to use your first name at first contact; I need to de-lurk at this stage to say that I LOVED TRHC. Even though I usually like a story to be long and involved enough to require multiple volumes it was a very welcome addition to my collection. Feel very free to produce as many stand-alone stories as you want - I will buy them. Oh and I don't mind if TWOLAS keeps needing more volumes.

I know you hear this a lot but I mean it when I say: I love your work.

I really need to apologize for MY whiny post :smiley:

You guys are the best – and the truth is, I choose where to place my creative efforts. The hard part is when readers EXPECT something else…one needs to recall that expectations can be disappointed, and that all reactions and feedback are OK.

I was startled at the readers who took issue, and they were very few - but it "stuck" because I'd not expected that…

proves we're all individuals who know what we want! :smiley:

I guess it's easier on an author if a reader responds with "your latest wasn't the story I expected to read, based on what I loved (this) in the story you wrote last time…then it's easier to tell a critique because of a genuine FLAW in the storytelling OR if it's just a case of I wanted/expected that apple and you gave me an orange, instead. I hate oranges, personally…nothing else but that apple will do…grin.

I try to handle discontented readers with equanimity - AND - I appreciate like heck the ones who DO like the stories as they are. Thanks. I honor your individual feedback.

originally posted by Hunter

"We're all individuals…"

I'm not!

(Very funny Monty Python line).

originally posted by skeoke

Janny ~

Curious: Is writing a stand alone becoming like writing a short story? Very concise, tight, controlled, etc.

Word is short stories are much harder to write than novels. Are stand alones harder to write (though easier to organize) than series?

Anyone: what is the psychology of readers preferring series? Do we not like neat bundles, all tied up at the end? Or are we too lazy to get to know new characters each book?

I find writing a short story the same depth and difficulty of intricacy as doing the first chapter of a novel - they can both take about 4 weeks.

First chapters must present character/problem/background with very select care, so the focus is just right, and the entry point into the tale for the reader happens effortlessly.

Short stories require the same "set" and also – must resolve - ideally without predictability OR - if the ending is predictable, by getting there through an unforseen revelation that twists perception - without the "AH HAH!" factor, the story fails.

That's what makes them challenging, for me. The tight format, wide scope to set the footing, and also delivering that punch.

Once the standalone novel is set, it moves pretty straightforwardly - not with the multi DIMENSIONAL angles to its layers, that I am trying to weave with the bigger series.

originally posted by Emrys

One reason I like series (or sets) is that if I like the first one, they guarantee a lot more to read (especially with CotM:smiley:) which I am also likely to enjoy. There have been exceptions - later books in a series not holding up etc. There's one author whom I find very frustrating. I've now read 3 or 4 series by him. Each one starts great, is mediocre in the middle, and the last book is an irritating disappointment. I haven't decided whether or not to read his further work - maybe just plan on stopping after the second book!

originally posted by Mark Timmony

Hey Janny,

not sure if this is old news buti've just discovered that MOWS is now Out Of Print.

Book Data says that a Reprint is under consideration but HC Australia isn't aware of it.

Mark -

Thanks for letting me know this - hang on a bit, though. If this title falls out of availability in one region, it may well spring up in another.

In fact, this book (Master of Whitestorm) is scheduled for a USA reprint edition, with a projected pub date of June 2006. I will post more details as they become available.

I can very much hope that it'll be possible to add a goodie or so, (artwork, or …?) to make this a collector event.