Map of Athera

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I'm a long time fan of the books, and particularly love the intricate map at the begining.

Unfortunately, in my standard size paperbacks, I often can't find the places easily because the text is so small it's almost unreadable.

Is there a copy of the map anywhere online that I could print out bigger and refer to without straining my eyes? I'd love to examine all the miniscule detail it contains in a larger and more manageable format.


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There is no larger map online at this time. However, it is the works for Meisha Merlin to produce a large, printed map.


A larger map can be obtained by writing to my contact address with a self addressed, stamped return envelope and a request.

The address: 5824 Bee Ridge Road, PMB 106, Sarasota, FL 34233

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Once all the public holidays have finished and the post offices are open again I'll send one off. :o)

I know you're very busy, thankyou so much.

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Hi Janny,

how many international reply coupons do you need for those outside of the US to get a copy of the map??



Hunter - in the approximate amount of USD $1.60, which is usually 2 coupons. (airmail, foreign, is .80 per half ounce, and the mailing requires at least an ounce because I put goodies in.)

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Vielen danke…

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Hmm…sehr gut…is the german language really useful in Oz? :slight_smile:

Maybe it is an good idea to put the post details in a FAQ?

I'd like a map too but I have no idea how to get international reply coupons ?!?

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Ja wohl mein herr! Es ist sehr gut aber mein Deutsche ist sehr schlecht! Ich habe viel Deustch vergessen…

Learning German was a fun activity at University. Came in useful when holidaying in Europe… especially when on the tour of Eisreisenwelt (Ice Caves of the World) in Austria - near Werfen about 50 kms south of Salzburg. If you're in the area, go and see them. Hohenwerfen is the nearby castle which was used as the Schloss Adler in the excellent, excellent film Where Eagles Dare. Or as Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson characterized the film (the band has a song of the same name) - "anywhere you've got a problem to fix, send Clint Eastwood…"

Anyways, the point of the Eisreisenwelt tour is that while the guide speaks fluent English, the tour is only in German… that's where they tell you thre is 960 steps along the way… up.

International reply coupons are a standard way for getting postage to be paid back to you from a different country than that which you are resident in… which is nicer than saying "foreign" I think… any country other than one's own is by definition "foreign". When you go through Tokyo's Narita Airport, the Immigration areas are marked either for Japanese citizens or "Aliens"… kinda makes you feel welcome… :smiley:

Postage… sounds like letters… hmmm… perhaps a Post Office might sell them?? ::ok… patronizing bastard…:: :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:

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Well, Hunter I can only think to say "Get stuffed" as Crococdile Dundee's friend is kind enough to advise…and b'stard is rather strong language to use - in my generation anyway - where a young WoLaS reader might find it :wink:

I'll maybe try asking at the post office. I live in France and the post office can be a bit "special"…

Yep lack of practice with languages means they disappear…luckily I'm currently obliged to use the ones I've learnt.

I guess German *would* be the the second lanauge to learn, when travelling Europe…The silly English system gave me French since they're closer I guess…the German language is closer to English and easier to learn maybe…oh well, in anycase everyone will be speaking chinese in 100 years :slight_smile:

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When I was living in Japan, I needed an alien registration card.

I don't think the person at the registration centre quite understood why I was laughing about it.


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Immigration areas are marked either for Japanese citizens or "Aliens"…

Makes you look around for the blue skinned, ambulatory plant person.


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Neil - 'bastard' can mean a great many things in Oz - it can be an insult, or a term of endearment: "'Ow ya goin', ya old bastard?"

Don't take Hunter's comment personally!

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hey hunter I'm going down to Oz in Septebmer if your really nice I might bring you one considering Janny only lives an hour and a half away from me
:smiley: :smiley:

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Hey Neil, as Fergus rightly says, "Bastard" has many connotations… and I meant it about me being patronizing, not you. Andrew Denton, one our funniest satirists, called 2003 (I think), "The Year of the Patronizing Bastard" in response to so many "The Year of…" which were only really paying lip service to whatever cause they were seeking to save.

Mr. Denton recently also conducted a superb interview of Australia's adopted royalty - HRH Prince Frederik of Denmark and his Australian wife HRH Princess Mary. They are in Australia now at the same time as our real royalty - Prince Charles. No prizes for guessing who has more of the attention…

Trys… if I saw a sign that said Aliens, I'd be looking for Sigourney Weaver with a flame thrower… :smiley:

Rurack - Sept is a nice time to visit… welcome! If you come to Melbourne, be sure to visit Healesville Sanctuary which has all the cute animals Australia is famous for…

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Hunter, I was being sarcastic and 'missed' as usual in trying to be funny…

In a country who can produce songs with lyrics "Santa nicked my f**king bike" and "rooting in the back of ut'" bastard is of course a very mild friendly dig :wink:

I've been to Oz (well the east side anyway…I have family there) and have also met quite a few Ozzies in London (strangely, I met lot's more in Australia).

In London, we were giving one ossie team mate some 'stick' in a sandwich shop one lunchtime and received a funny look from a young woman. I said politely, "Don't worry, he's Austrialian", justifying my brutality. She replied, "So am I". Oh well, those Ozzies on walkabout…they get everywhere.

The Australians are a special race and I admire them actually :slight_smile: I really like the mocking humour stuff. Kinda English without the hangups from the 'british empire days' :slight_smile:

Sept 2000, when I went, was "cold" (20 C) in Sydney but hot in Cairns (35+ C)

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Hey Neil,

Earl's Court is the home of Australians in Londonnium… "Entertainers" like Rodney Rude probably don't translate well to other countries.

Our sense of humour is definitely derived from the English which does make me wonder how so called comedies from other countries are allegedly popular here… but means we can appreciate some of the great English comedies, like The Goodies, Mr. Bean, Blackadder, Ab Fab and even something definitely strange like "Little England"…

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One Aussie comic I like is Kevin "Bloody" Wilson. A friend of mine went to Australia and brought back a tape of his. Mr. Wilson is NOT for those easily offended by salty language. I especially like his dating advice.

An Aussie that inspires one of my favorite comedians is Steve Irwin. The comic, Bill Engvall, loves Animal Planet programs but seems to have a problem with ol' Steveo, especially when it comes to snakes, and the spitting cobra episode of Crocodile Hunter:

"He started freakin' out because it got poison in his eyes. Y'all, I was yelling at my TV, 'They're SPITTING cobras ya moron! Jesus, didn't you hear it go hhhhuuukk?!?' "

My brother, who is terrified of snakes, howled like a loon for DAYS over that remark.

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Um, gads, got off the subject, didn't I?

Wish list for a map of Athera:

1. Larger, so it can be more easily read.
2. Laminated so it is protected from moisture, mold, mildew and other organisms. Protection from wear and tear as I trace the path of travel of the WoLaS characters would be an added bonus.
3. Colorized? So the rivers/lakes etc. are even easier to determine.
4. Pictures? On National Geographic maps, there are sometimes pictures in the margin (which can be quite wide) showing something of interest. Hmm, Ithamon, Etarra, Alestron…
5. Make it a large sized map with points of interest expounded upon on the back.

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Hi Janny,
I too would love a map; my arms just aren't long enough to read the one in the books any more :frowning: How big should the S.A.E. be?

(The joke about not being able to read the map is a bit frightening now that I think about it … I could read the map perfectly well when CotM first came out. Now I struggle even with my reading glasses on.)