Mainmere (potentially a spoiler)

originally posted by Neil

"Athera's greatest peril" etc. etc. - I am not sure why the F7 need ever "worry"?

Davien states something like "the end is never in doubt"…so the F7 have the capability to enforce paravian survival (their first duty?)

What exactly are their priorities?

1 planet
2 paravian survival
3 human clans

Any one care to add their perceptions?

Is there a chance the F7 could fail or did the dragons dream sufficiently "well" to ensure "100% paravian survival" :slight_smile: How can one know that paravians will always "survive" - doesn't this imply the F7 are bound for ALL time? Some futures may be unforeseen no?

Does paravian survival imply Athera's "survival"? IF all things died, couldn't one start from scratch again, Ath couldn't lend a hand, so to speak? :slight_smile:

The F7 are "limited" (LOMB etc.) and are forced to rely on others (e.g. Arithon, Dakar, etc. ) who can all too likely fail from time to time…but who might also lead to way to F7's "freedom" from current responsibilities?

At what stage of any catastrophy will the F7 be forced to act *directly*? Is this "intervention"?

And, finally, I have a question from Peril's gate. I wonder why Sethvir put his testament into crystal in PG. Why would someone like Sethvir feel the need to "log" the "state of play". If he fails/dies who is likely to read it? The other F7? Is Sethvir likely to be "incommunicado" for a bit? Was this why?

originally posted by Konran

I think Sethvir's thing with the crystal was sort of a "last will and testament" if you will. Remember, nobody was sure whether or not things would go totally out of control, and if that happened he'd lose his grip on the grimwards… bad things, to say the least. Asandir at that time was in a grimward, and Sethvir mentioned something about "if he should return to find ruin" or something like that. So on the one hand it was letting Asandir know what had happened, assuming he could get to the crystal. But the sense I got from it was that he was setting down a record of what the F7 had tried to do to STOP the catastrophe, so that if the worst happened, whoever happened to find it (Paravians, drakes(?!), Ath, what have you) would know that they did their absolute best to keep the compact and that they did all they could to stop it from happening. I believe it makes mention that Sethvir paid especial attention to Kharadmon and Luhaine's exact steps taken at Rockfell. So it would be kind of a "see, we went down fighting, we didn't break our binding" type thing.