Long time no see

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hi everyone :smiley:
i haven't been here in a while, but I became curious again so I had to come and check it out.

theres been a lot of changes huh? since I was last here…I had to trawl through the topics to see what name I used here before nad now we have to register, aahhh life moves on

actually, I've come to say something. its not very nice, but I really want to say it, and its a long time ago, so its okay-ish

what was it…2 years ago? 3? that Traitors Knot came out. I was soo excited! I even went and pre-ordered my copy (which i haven't done with any book, i'm lazy), and I couldn't wait for it to come out! even though I had exams around that time i left school early that day and was darn happy walking down the street with my prize

well, what can i say??? I took it home, I read it.

I hated the damn thing

I haven't read it since then, and i purpously left it so it could go hazy
but i was so ashamed! for arithon, i mean. He's supposed to be a hero!! but instead all this horribleness happened and i couldn't stand it(and yes, there are lots of things you can say to that, but these are my feelings i'm talking about). I really really hated it and I was gonna sell it or something, but unfortunatley I'd already gone through it with a black marker crossing out all the bad words (I do that with all the books own *blush*), so I didn't think I'd be able to get back the money I spent on it, and I shoved it to the back of my cupboard.

the only good bit in the whole book was a Lysear moment- the part where (he was in the bath i think? or maybe he wasn't. but there was definitely a part when he was in the bath) and he almost came to a realisation (was it about the curse? and that nothing he had done could be justified?). anyways, that part really affected me.

I'm sorry it had to be that way…but recently I've been living in egypt- with no books! so I feel inclined to read these stories again

I wasn't here for a long time, and in that time I didn't write an awful lot, but I became comfortable enough with the community here to be able to write what I jsut wrote

xx ~ash