Locating Stormed Fortress in Hardcover

I have been reading the work of the magnificent Janny Wurts since 1997 when I found a copy of the Curse of the Mistwraith at a local bookstore. I devoured that book and read those that followed until there was nothing left to read (before Initiate’s Trial). Life got busy and there were many fires to put out for the past several years; however, things have calmed down now, so I have decided to build a hardcover Janny Wurts library and I am going to give my paperbacks to three of my friends as we start a Janny Wurts bookclub. None of them have ever heard of Janny Wurts, so I cannot wait to see the story unfold for them and see it through their eyes.
I have managed to obtain a hardback copy of all the books save for Stormed Fortress. Does anyone know of a good source for this book?

Welcome Jonathan!

A hardcover edition of Stormed Fortress that matches the earlier books does not exist, unfortunately. Janny discussed this a bit in this thread.

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It’s pretty tough to find a hardcover in the US since none were printed under a US label. I got mine by having a British friend buy it for me in London and then sending it across the pond.

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Thank you for the link, Brian! It is good to know I am not alone in this.

Judy, success! Thank you for your advice! I found a hardcover of both To Ride Hell’s Chasm and Stormed Fortress on Ebay UK. Thank you so much!

Didn’t see this until late, but I recall having the same difficulty when Stormed Fortress came out, and I also had to get it from London (in my case, via a friend of my sister as I couldn’t find anyone over there back then who would ship it!). Publisher of my hardback version is BCA in association with Harper Collins, for anyone else having the difficulty w/o similar luck on Ebay UK.

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The BCA book is in small format and totally does not match the rest of the series in hardbound.

The best way to ‘shift’ this - get a reprint or special edition - in hardbound is hard, cold numbers. Enough to attract interest in a specialty edition from a small press, OR, get an anniversary commemorative release from HarperCollins UK, as they have done for popular series in the past.

To that end, you can help. Review online if you haven’t. Mention the books to new readers where appropriate. As so many of you already have, and are doing, I am ever so grateful.


I am honored to receive a response from you personally, Ms. Wurts. Thank you for taking the time to do this. You are my favorite fantasy writer.