Livestream chat, Fugitive Prince

Earthday at 12 noon Eastern Time, a live chat is scheduled to discuss Fugitive Prince – drop by, ask a question or leave a comment, I’ll be there with some specially prepared material. The recording will be posted for late comers as well.

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Is there a link please Janny?

I can’t seem to find the archived link myself. If I find it later, I’ll update this post.

I love the enthusiasm of the booktuber community, but it can be very frustrating to navigate through every participant’s Twitter and YouTube channels in search of the actual stream link and come up empty. If each participant included the link in their tweets instead of just retweeting the announcement posts, it might increase their viewer numbers.

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The link, it was very interesting.

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Yeah, this can be a bit of a pain. Especially with how youtube has codified and separated things into categories in the last little bit, so trying to find things becomes a game of: Well, which one do I click on?!?

I understand being a live stream they could not give us a link in advance, but telling us how to find the right channel might have meant there were more people there while it was still live. I have a shocking memory, so am not going to remember where it was last time. I got there just after it started, which considering how early in the morning it was for me I considered an accomplishment.

Some new info about drakes and drakespawn… seardluin cannot fly so I assume they could only attack a sleeping drake or the young. I reread grimward chapter for the first time in years - I think this was when the books really show that mankind is out of its depth on athera re: drakes - there is a “something” moment where Dakar cannot place the source of some power(and I always assumed this was Asandir) but I would have thought he would recognise fellowship spellcraft?

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Seardluin were created to hunt in packs, and attack nesting sites/kill young and brooding females. They also targeted dragons in hibernation, slaughtered them. They were territorial weapons that ran amok. Dragons cocooned in stone to hibernate after this to protect themselves.