Live Link for Janny's AMA, Oct 20, 2015

Spread the word far and wide and post your questions! I will be answering live at 7 CST. t_reader_author/

originally posted by Annette

Sorry I never asked anything Janny, but you seem to be busy enough. My question would have been a spoiler anyway, and I could not work out how to do spoiler tags. And I doubt you would have answered it.

I will wait, last page of Song of the Mysteries will probably answer my question. They are bound to get to it eventually.

I answered every query, and the way to do spoiler tags is listed in the sidebar.

originally posted by Annette

Thanks, just could not see the how for all the words, did eventually see the instructions for the spoiler tags.

originally posted by David Cornelson

Read through the AMA. Well done Janny. You treat your fans properly and well and we all appreciate it.