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originally posted by Cheryl

I think I'm at a point I could join a writer's group on line. Could someone give me a link to one I've lost the link to Julie Czerneda's group but I never could join it. I had trouble with my computer trying to sign up. I think I don't understand newsgroups on line or how to join them. Thanks I thought a linke would help.

This was posted by Susan, in another topic - as a specific area for critique - for writing.

It's going to be hit, from what I understood in her post - HARD - I haven't checked out this group - wise to read what's done there, and see what you think before you try it.

BUT - it appears it is possible to learn. YOu may learn alot just by looking at what others say about others.

originally posted by Cheryl

That what I thought I'd do be an observer at first and learn things. Thanks for the link I'm still shy about participating but want to join now and learn how it works.

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A suggestion:

I've found SFF incredibly useful. There's also the standard Fiction Writers Workshop.

Perhaps Trys can link Paravia to SFF?



originally posted by Cheryl

Thanks so much Roisin that sounds great I will remember SFF. thanks

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Check out, interesting site.

originally posted by Deborah McNemar

One of Writer's Digest's top 100 writing sites this year.