LibertyCon 2012

originally posted by Wayne

Don't forget that Janny and Don will be co-arttist guest of honor at LibertyCon in Chattanooga, TN. Held next weekend July 20th- July 22nd! Smaller con with limited membership of approximate 500 attendees. Both will have their artwork and some prints and books for sale. An both will be on numerous panels as well.

(ssst, preview hounds - there will be a reading!!!)

originally posted by Annette

Janny will there be any new artwork of yours on display?

Not, due to shipping costs. I will have only a very few originals there - and some 'new' little watercolors. Lots of prints. And books.

originally posted by Mark Stephen Kominski

(Closest thread I could find [quickly; one might be lurking further into the topics] for an entry regarding DragonCon.)

So, one of my bucket list items is to actually make it to DragonCon before I'm old enough to be a Fellowship Sorcerer. This year I didn't even come close, BUT where there's a will, there's a way. One of my staff members likes SFF almost as much as I do, and he participates in re-enactments, etc., including the Saturday parade for DragonCon in his full armor. I asked if he could pick up a picture, book or artwork print with our fearless Tale-Spinner's John Hancock this time, and he agreed. Earlier today he emailed success, but was mum about exactly what he procured. Will have to wait the long holiday weekend to find out!

Edit: Apparently there was one for DragonCon 08, but that one's even longer in the tooth than this one is, so unless Sir Gryphon wishes this post elsewhere, here we'll stay! :wink:

originally posted by Mark Stephen Kominski

A signed, new hardback copy of To Ride Hell's Chasm, complete with matching TRHC bookmark. Awesome!

Thank you for the autograph and note, Janny. Unique among my library, that one is! And no, I wouldn't expect there's much golfing done in Hell's Chasm. :wink:

Delighted you are pleased!