Law of the Major Balance

How does the rendering of Davien discorporate reconcile with the Law of the Major Balance? He certainly didn’t agree, and the Fellowship don’t interfere. It seems like vengeful punishment. Shouldn’t Morriel/Selidie also qualify?

Welcome Paul!

I’m not sure it’s as clean cut as “didn’t agree” – there’s some nuance revealed depending on how far into the series you’ve gotten. The Law of the Major Balance is also not a strict rule with penalties, as shown when Dakar uses a geas of thirst on the s’Brydions in Ships of Merior. Perhaps the discorporation act was the “best worst” option at the time.

Great question! Looking forward to hearing others’ thoughts.

I do not think they would have been able to do it if Davien had not agreed, being discorporate was a better option than utter destruction. The ‘punishment’ came from a ward Shehane Althain raised when Davien either tried to protect himself, or possibly being startled, attacked Althain’s protector, or possibly the protections work some other way. Davien crossed the warding Sethvir had put in place, and something bad came of it. We got a glimpse of the event in Stormed Fortress, the result was referred to as a fatal severance. The only way they could save Davien and appease Shehane Althain’s defences, was to strip Davien’s spirit from his body. He died, yet survived.

Maybe Janny will find the time to explain the event. Or maybe we get a closer look at something similar in the next book.

The phrase “ritual destruction of the flesh” implies sanction.