Koriathain longevity.

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can someone remind me why the koriani are long lived? i remember it from one of the books (? grand conspiracy???) also how long lived?
wish i had a cross index for all the little points!!!

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Koriani have forced longevity bindings through their personal crystals. Caolle showed what happens when the spell crystals are cleaned and the longevity bindings are released - not pretty.

Elaira had the forced longevity bindings applied, Kharadmon removed these and applied the Fellowship harmonious longevity bindings, such as Dakar has. Either way, Elaira has been allocated the same span of years as Arithon's five centuries fountain geas imbued longevity.

As a follow on, there are two interesting questions:
1. If Arithon and Elaira have kids, would they automatically assume longevity bindings?
2. Arithon's current state of mage training, could he manage his own longevity - or even remove Davien's geas?

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I think it is safe to say that a Koriani enchantress whose crystal has undergone the longevity bindings/sigils could live for upwards of 600 or 700 years. I seem to recall that Morriel's body lived for over a thousand years, which may have been a record and which really pushed the bounds of the longevity bindings and probably caused her unstable mental state. Of course, her mental health hasn't exactly improved after she addressed the madness caused her overly long life span. I still chuckly when I recall one of the Sorceror's commenting something like "I think the old girl is quite mad [as a result of the overtaxed longevity bindings]."

As for Arithon and Elaira's kids, no I don't think the longevity geas or training bestowed by Davien or Kharadmon is hereditary. It just doesn't seem to work that way.

As for Arithon's ability to manage/remove his own longevity, that's an interesting question. My first thought is to say he probably couldn't remove Davien's geas, although with the way he has controled the Desh-thiere, maybe he could. As for extending his own life further through training, I suppose he could if someone showed him how. I mean if Dakar can do it, certainly Arithon can. The more pertinent question might be: Why would he want to? Arithon doesn't strike me was the kind of person who would want to live more than one full life time. I mean, but for the drake's binding, I doubt the Sorceror's would chose to go on living eternally.

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hmm but why bother living longer?

Do the Koriani fear death?
Do the seniors live longer by choice or necessity?
Do they need 100+ years plus to achieve the higher ranks?
Are the higher rank achievements a function of talent or hard work over centuries or both?

Apart from Ath's adepts / necromancers are there any other humans living "longer" on Athera?

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Morriel I think had gone through a second longevity binding that was even more arduous than the first. Because the Koriani forced mastery is counter to the natural body, it's not an easy thing.

Arithon might find living longer necessary, like the Fellowship, if he's to find a way to ensure he lives to see the return of the Paravians - which is what Asandir charged him with at Athir.

The Koriani creed of a Prime Enchantress, combined with the low success rate of sucessions would seem to necessitate a longer life span of seniors to ensure successions went as planned and the knowlege kept by the seniors wasn't lost by the untimely death of a Prime enchantress.

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I agree the Koriani lengthening of their life with crystals may be a kind of risk management choice.

Curious that the compact allows this.

Ok the crystals are off-world in origin but is there really no adverse effect on the land whatsoever?

Or are the town/koriani not part of the land in the same way clan and Arithon are?

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Just clarifying something… IIRC, it was Luhaine that "fixed" Elaira, not Kharadmon? I'll have to double check the books when I get home…



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You're right, Izzy, it was Luhaine who erased the Koriani longevity binding and replaced it with a binding based on grand conjury.

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have we ever seen koriani prime outside?

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Selidie was at Alestron in Stormed Fortress