Koriani conspiracies and mad Matriarch's. Spoilers!

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Spoiler, spoiler, spoiler, spoiler

I think Selidie/Morriel's hatred, jealousy and power hungry ways have finally driven her mad.

While on Athera the other Primes before Morriel might have chaffed under the compact and meddled, but it does not seem any of them were as bad as Morriel. She was and still is willing to sacrifice Athera to gain the freedom to used the interdicted knowledge she possess. They had free use of their knowledge and a starship before they arrived on Athera, so what can be so great about it, that it is worth sacrificing the only haven humanity has.


She had no sentimental attachment to Athera; on the contrary, the viability of any one planet became an expendable resource. Break the compact and the covenant of Paravian preservation, and mankind could reclaim its interdicted knowledge and remanifest the technologies of star travel.
Grand Conspiracy

How is she going to materialise a spaceship out of nowhere and escape before doom falls on her. Even if she knew how to get her hands on a starship conveniently lying around (there is at least one), starships do not work by magic, how is she going to know how to operate one. And once free to do what she wants, what is she going to do? The planets humanity left behind are cinders, and they seemed to have wandered for ages before finding Athera. So if she is willing to destroy Athera to get what she wants, she has to be crazy.

But is this the first time a situation like this has occurred or are the Koriani like the rest of humanity making the same mistakes yet again. We learned more about the past of the koriani in Initiate's Trial, some of the lengths they went to chasing power and knowledge. The present Koriani Prime is again manipulating humanity to cause destruction on a massive scale in order to get what she wants, no matter the consequences. Did a past one perhaps do this before the civilisations of humanity were destroyed?

In Sundering Star we got a glimpse of the early sisterhood, arrogant meddlers who deal mainly in deception and illusion and even back then were chasing power and seemed to be acquiring talented children as the result of wars, or some other event that removed them from their parents protection.


The Koriani Order is older than your Fellowship. Our first Prime Matriarch stood at the right hand of free governance before Calum Kincaid sold out his great weapon and became the destroyer of worlds.
Fugitive Prince

Taking a completely negative viewpoint on that statement by Morriel there would only be one reason why the Koriani would stand at the right hand of any government, and it would not be good, and possibly the victims never even realised they were being manipulated.


Her victory over an unsatisfied Prime Matriarch drove the Koriathain to pursue a reckless policy of acquisition. The order’s ranked Seniors grasped after power without any thought for their impact. They abandoned scruple, struck bargains even with factions they deemed moral enemies to seize more and more dire means of extracting domination through forceful control. When they gained what they wished, they turned false on their allies. Acts they claimed as necessity were justified to enforce their own mission, declared for the greater good.
Initiate's Trial

Athera could have ended up lifeless because of Morriel's unmerciful meddling. Did a past Prime's actions perhaps spark the war that lead to the destruction of the original human civilisations?

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Well, we also know now that they practice necromancy, and who knows what THAT does to one's mind? In Traitor's Knot, it acted like an addiction. Cravings, highs, exhaustion afterward.

I agree Morriel's insane. I assume she thinks she has solutions to all the problems you outline. Along with her insanity, she suffers from grandiosity, vastly overestimating her own powers, delusional about what she can and cannot do.

Your question about earlier Primes on Athera is actually answered by your last quote, I think. Jessian's integrity in not betraying the Biedar drove them to their aggressive drive for power. So I doubt the earlier ones were any less insane than Morriel. Just think about the Waystone and all of that malevolence lurking inside it. What will happen if THAT is ever unleashed on the world? Mercy.

I'm particularly intrigued by your last question. Hadn't thought of that before.

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Spoiler, spoiler, spoiler, spoiler

Koriani related but not a conspiracy, did any one notice Janny little hint?


No enchantress past third rank required a flame to locate her tools in the dark

Elaira is supposedly still a third rank enchantress, but Janny mentioned several times in Initiate's Trial that Elaira has mage-sight.


A badge raised in his gaunt hand cast a ward of protection that blazed blindingly bright to the nuance of her mage-sight.

Cautious, lest the town housed a temple diviner, Elaira opened to mage-sight and assessed the mixed swirl of life energy emanated by the passing traffic

And of course a mere third rank enchantress would never be able to resist the Prime's master sigil.


But the contest outfaced a third-level sister restricted to charitable service. Elaira risked the high charge of betrayal, disadvantaged without the trained knowledge carried by Seniors endowed with administrative rank.

Elaira perhaps needs some mage training, or training up by some other power. I doubt Selidie/Morriel is going to be offering her the extra training somehow. Although you have to wonder how long it is going to take Selidie/Morriel to realise Elaira is not what she used to be, but has grown beyond her previous limitations. Seems that second imprinted slither of crystal in the hands of the sister at Deal might be a trap for Elaira. Considering Elaira's current opinion of her order, be interesting to see what she does to get her crystal back if that is what she is going to do.

And what exactly did Selidie Prime do to Elaira's personal crystal? After taking such pains to punish someone for accidentally breaking an irreplaceable crystal, did Selidie Prime deliberately split Elaira's personal crystal? Or did she imprint the slithers some other way.

Sethvir just thinks it and a crystal is repaired, somehow the way the Koriani do it did not seem that simple. Why is it that the choice to heal the crystal wand, meant the healer who broke it was to die?

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Perhaps what Sethvir and the F7 can do with permission and cooperation, the Koriana can't when their preferred methods are often hinged on manipulation and domination?

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A point to be reminded here, Elaira has had advanced magical training from Ath's Adepts. I'm sure she has also picked up a few things from Arithon along the way.

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Not really sure you would call the knowledge Ath's adepts imparted to Elaira mage training. She was given advance training in the use of herbs, and probably more knowledge on healing. Elaira now works in accord with the Law of the Major Balance and probably spiritually grew a bit more, so her power would have increased. She can interact with the elements better, and is better trained to work with crystals, Elaira might know a bit more about Athera's mysteries. But still some straight out mage training might be needed to go up against Selidie Prime. So far her best defence has been something she learned from a hedge witch, something a bit more advanced might help.

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Given the discussion on Elaira, I figure this might be the spot to raise this… When Dakar destroyed the Koriathain fetch, there was a mention, and I am going from memory as the book is at home, that Dakar broadened his reach and destroyed anything in the Prime Matriarch's possession that had Arithon's signature. Well, given Arithon's and Elaira's connection, would this not include Elaira's personal crystal?

Just a thought but it seems possible…

P.S. Hi everyone, first post, long time reader.

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Spoiler, spoiler, spoiler, spoiler

Welcome to the message board Zeke Zimonick. :smiley:


His intent stayed adamant, final and swift as the cut of the surgeon’s knife: anything anywhere in the Prime’s possession that resonated to Prince Arithon or Lysaer hit flash-point and went up in smoke.

My impression was anything in Koriani possession that bore Arithon or Lysaer's personal imprint was destroyed. So anything else that could be used to make a fetch. Elaira's personal crystal while tied to her would not I think have Arithon's imprint, and it might no longer have been in the Prime Matriarch's possession. I believe Selidie Prime found out Elaira's longevity was not bound to her crystal when she split the crystal. Either that or she took an imprint of the crystal and made a duplicate and split that, not sure if she could even do that. One slither was used to try and entrap Arithon the other seems to be waiting at Deal to entrap Elaira.

Now if Arithon does eventually decide to go find the source of the feelings being used to track him, and he keeps the slither of crystal with him and perhaps uses it, then it might also have his imprint. The slither of crystal is rejoined with the other half and healed it could lead to something interesting.

We could also specualte about what would happen when Elaira retrieves the other half. Do these crystals actually communicate with each other when in close proximity? Elaira's personal crystal was no longer with her when she and Arithon consummated their relationship, the native crystal she now uses was so could contain an imprint of both, and now the crystal in Rathain's signet also has an imprint of Arithon, or at least a part imprint. Would there be some way the slither of Elaira's original personal crystal could be imprinted with the personal imprints the other two crystals have of Elaira and Arithon? Or at least Arithon since he seems to be the one suffering a bit of fragmentation.

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Well, Elaira's crystal wasn't split. I believe that Selidie used one of the splinters from the broken wand to put the bits about Elaira's betrayal in it. And I wouldn't be surprised if the girl who dropped it doesn't have to pay penance somehow to make up for her error.

There's no doubt in my mind that Selidie/Morriel is quite mad. She's reminding me a bit of Wiley Coyote at this point, chasing around after Road Runner.

Third time through (or maybe 4th) I'm seeing that Arithon remembers a lot more on his own than I thought, first time through.

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Re: Wile E. Coyote – yes, but Morriel isn't using Acme, Inc to supply her with substandard devices. :smiley:

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Lol. But I tend to view her crystals and circles of enchantresses as substandard, especially to Davien and the dragon! Not to mention the rest of the F7. And the Biedar, who I think are only biding their time. :smiley:

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Hi Janny

Great work, nearly done. just a quick question if it is alright.

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In this passage in the chapter Bind, Initiates trial. Are the spirits actually cleaned from the waystone or are they only diverted to the ladies spirit while they reconstruct a path thru, to dominant the waystone and if it is cleansed does this create new free wraiths ???

quote: Offered an opening after exhaustive centuries of insane confinement, their trapped spirits mobbed the body of the subsumed woman, until her possessed flesh writhed and moaned to their tormented cries. As their grisly gambit, she existed only to waylay their unleashed malevolence.

You asked, David: Diversion only - no free wraiths, and the great amethyst is not cleared - these fine-points will matter and come into play within the next book.